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1. Last Hope’s Gone
2. Mine To Love
3. Get Yourself Together
4. Just To Be With You
5. Morning Blues
6. Drunk Again
7. In My Own Dream

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band

In My Own Dream LP

LP | $24.98

LP 5098

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Fresh from their triumphant appearance at the Monterrey International Pop Festival in June 1967, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band entered the studio to record their fourth album, In My Own Dream. It chronicles the evolution of the band, continuing to add elements of jazz and R&B to its traditional blues approach. The horn section, staffed by David Sanborn, Gene Dinwiddle and Keith Johnson, was featured throughout the album, sharing the spotlight with guitarist Elvin Bishop and band leader Butterfield’s signature harmonica runs. Lead vocal duties are split among the group, with Butterfield singing three songs, Bishop singing one, drummer Phillip Wilson on one and bassist Bugsy Maugh tackling two. Throughout the tracks, there is a spirit of a band being reborn and that exuberance jumps from the grooves with each listen. Remastered from the original analog session tapes and pressed on high-definition vinyl, this album shouldn’t be in your dreams, it should be on your turntable!


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