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New Releases for May 2016

Blues Magoos The Mercury Singles 1966-1968 - LP
Hailing from NYC, The Blues Magoos took the folk/blues soundtrack of their mid-sixties Greenwich Village contemporaries and forged it into a tough, garage/psych hybrid that attracted fans as quickly as it angered folk club owners, incensed by the band's volume and unhinged stage show! Signed by Mercury Records in 1966, their inaugural single for the label, a reading of John D. Loudermilk's "Tobacco Road," was a churning 4 1/2 minute(!) plunge into crazed guitar/organ/drum/bass pyrotechnics with vocals careening over the top. The release hailed the arrival of a new and wholly unique voice on the rock scene. … [COMPLETE INFO]
The Tropics You Better Move / It's You I'll Miss - 7" Single
Tampa, Florida legends the Tropics released a stack of great records in the sixties. But none of those singles is more coveted by garage collectors than their ’66 masterpiece, "You Better Move;" a tambourine-bashing, harmonica-wailin,' epic screamer. With its super-threatening lyrics, delivered in a pathologically aggravated state by Tropics lead vocalist Mel Dryer, this record serves as a master class in anger mismanagement.… [COMPLETE INFO]

New Releases for Record Store Day 2016

Record Store Day 2016
2016 Record Store Day Limited Edition! Available at local independent record stores on April 16th, 2016!

The Remains - The Remains - Limited Edition Mono White Opaque Vinyl LP
The Electric Prunes - Limited Edition 7" Single
Al Escobar - Rhythmagic - Limited Edition Translucent Gold Vinyl LP
Dave Myers and His Surftones - Limited Edition Red Vinyl 7" Single
The Belairs - Volcanic Action! - Limited Edition Translucent Red Vinyl LP
Al Casey - Surfin' Hootenanny - Limited Edition Mono Colored Vinyl LP
The Challengers - Hot Rod Album! - Limited Edition Translucent Red Vinyl LP
The Tornadoes - Beyond The Surf: The Best Of The Tornadoes - Limited Edition Translucent Blue Vinyl LP …

New Releases for March 2016

The Litter $100 Fine - LP
How do you top THE LITTER'S godlike '67 longplayer, Distortions? Well, you don't. But leave it to THE LITTER to deliver the equally essential (not to mention hopelessly rare) '68 follow-up, $100 Fine. From the ultra-explosive album opener, "Mindbreaker" (where the Distortions sound now takes on Blue Cheer-like heaviosity) to the LP's epic finale; a nine-minute, ambitiously retooled "She's Not There," $100 Fine ranks as one of its era's masterpieces… [COMPLETE INFO]
C.A. Quintet Trip Thru Hell - Gold Vinyl LP
The C.A. Quintet's journey to Hades burned hot enough to melt the ice in their frigid Minnesota environs. A coveted collectable since the psychedelic record collecting disaster whirl first started over 30 years ago, Trip Thru Hell (1968) is rightly regarded as the epitome of local psych-cum-garage rising above its humble roots into something truly monolithic… [COMPLETE INFO]
The Electric Prunes Singles 1966-1969 - 2-LP Set
The Electric Prunes perfectly bridged the edgy, fuzz-fueled garage-rock of contemporaries like the Blues Magoos and the Thirteenth Floor Elevators with a diligent, progressive studio craft reminiscent of the Beatles and Beach Boys. And now, we're extremely proud to present a deluxe Sundazed gatefold-edition double-LP set, compiling the legendary Prunes' single side - all of which magnificently helped draw the road map of American Psychedelia, '66-69… [COMPLETE INFO]

New Releases for February 2016

Johnny Cash Sings Hank Williams - LP
Released June 15, 1960, Johnny Cash Sings Hank Williams is not quite an accurate title. Only four of the album's twelve tracks are Hank Williams' songs with all but one of the remaining tracks composed by Cash. Whatever the title, this is a fantastic collection of early tracks from Sun… [COMPLETE INFO]
Now Here's Johnny Cash - LP
For what would be his 10th album release, Sun continued to mine its deep reservoir of Cash recordings for Now Here's Johnny Cash. Inaugural single "Hey Porter" makes its first LP appearance and signals a recurring theme for Cash's songs, trains and the American railroad system.… [COMPLETE INFO]
Innermost Limits of Pure Fun
Innermost Limits of Pure Fun, with its whimsical, philosophical "California" title, was a groundbreaking project in the history of sports footage. Filmmaker George Greenough was unencumbered by any commercial reasons for designing boards, boats, or in his wave riding technique, a true SOUL SURFER if there ever was one.… [COMPLETE INFO]
The Buckinghams - I'm A Man / Don't Want To Cry - 7" Single
A most legendary lost recording - the single that never was!!! Here's the Buckinghams' extreme-fuzz-fest take on Bo Diddley's "I'm a Man" - a track found only on a mere handful of first pressings of the band's initial longplayer. It is beyond INSANE!… [COMPLETE INFO]
Foggy Notions - Need A Little Lovin' / Take Me Back and Hold Me - 7" Single
An indescribably-great, Chicago 60's garage floor-filler!!! "Take Me Back and Hold Me" is a beyond-frantic rocker supercharged with wild guitar and wailing harmonica, while "Need a Little Lovin'" is a perfectly-moody folk-rocker drenched with electric 6 and 12-string guitars.… [COMPLETE INFO]
Living Children - Crystalize Your Mind / Now It's Over - 7" Single
One year after 1967' "Summer of Love," Living Children entered Golden State Recorders in San Francisco and recorded the magnificent A and B-sides of their only single. "Crystalize Your Mind" features a hypnotic guitar riff and perfectly-snotty vocal; think the Chocolate Watchband meet the Doors at acid-central.… [COMPLETE INFO]
Things to Come - Sweetgina / Speak Of The Devil - 7" Single
Yessir - the holy grail!!!! We proudly present the most astounding Stones/Them influenced garage/dark psych 45 ever!!! Here's the impossibly rare 45 of "Sweetgina" b/w "Speak Of The Devil" - the great lost, 60's West Coast masterpiece.… [COMPLETE INFO]

New Releases for January 2016

The Songs Of The Everly Brothers - 2 LP Set
A Sundazed deluxe, gatefold double-LP collection of 36 amazing Everly-composed selections, recorded as publishing demos during the Brothers' tenure at Cadence Records. At the peak of their abilities both as performers and writers - most tracks feature only the Everly's voices and guitars… [COMPLETE INFO]
The Original Sun Sound of Johnny Cash - LP
From the minute he walked into Sun Studios, Johnny Cash began a career that would see him become one of the biggest and most influential musicians of our time. Though only on Sun from 1955-58, Johnny made some of his most legendary recordings there. When he moved on to Columbia Records, Johnny left behind a large cache of material which Sun happily compiled and released on LPs throughout the 60's… [COMPLETE INFO]
Johnny Cash with His Hot and Blue Guitar - LP
From the minute he walked into Sun Studios, Johnny Cash began a career that would see him become one of the biggest and most influential musicians of our time. Though only on Sun from 1955-58, Johnny made some of his most legendary recordings there.hellip; [COMPLETE INFO]

New Releases for November 2015

The Knickerbockers - The Challenge Recordings - 4 CD Boxed Set
When "Lies" exploded from AM radio speakers everywhere in 1965, listeners were caught off-guard. Who was this band that had captured Beatles' zeitgeist and repatriated it into a charging slice of American proto-punk? Featuring an amazing vocal performance from Buddy Randell, The Knickerbocker's "Lies" peaked at #20 on the Billboard Hot 100 and at #1 in the hearts of new fans around world. Thanks to its inclusion in Lenny Kaye's essential Nuggets compilation, it continues to amaze and inspire… [COMPLETE INFO]

New Releases for October 2015

The Paisleys - Cosmic Mind At Play
The Paisleys' mystical, brooding album, Cosmic Mind At Play, makes its first ever legit vinyl re-release! Produced by Warren Kendrick (The Litter, The Electras), SUNDAZED proudly presents the full, swirlingly-psychedelic portrait of these dark Minneapolis wizards direct from the original masters! … [COMPLETE INFO]
H.P. Lovecraft - Live 1968
"A previously unissued, killer acid-ballroom blitz by the late H.P. Lovecraft, a sadly under regarded Chicago band caught in its trippy Gothic psych-rock prime at the Filmore West." - Rolling Stone
In case you hadn't noticed, there weren't a lot of people taking notes during the heyday of psychedelic concertdom. As a result, the lore and legend of that era consists of hazy, mumbled recollections of plankton - brained survivors. Well, rewrite the history books, because Sundazed archaeologist Jeff Jarema - in collaboration with Lovecraft honcho George Edwards … [COMPLETE INFO]

New Releases for September 2015

Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen - Live In San Francisco 1971
Located 40-odd miles west of Detroit, Ann Arbor was a cauldron of social change in the '60s. Radical politics, courtesy of Students for a Democratic Society and John Sinclair's White Panther Party, mixed with a vibrant music scene which featured adventurous acts like Iggy Pop and the Psychedelic Stooges. In the midst of this fervor, local musician George Frayne IV felt the urge to form a country swing/boogie band, of all things. … [COMPLETE INFO]

New Releases for August 2015

Various Artists - Archives Of America
Yesterday Of Our Love: The Soul Of Challenge Records - LP
A must-have collection of the most soulful tracks from the Challenge label, all released between 1963 and 1968, from the original mono singles masters. Hear great tracks from Jerry Fuller - who also contributed liner notes - Jimmy Seals, Johnny Wyatt, Charles Lamont and the Extremes, Yvonne Carroll, Ron Holden, and Jimmy Walker of the Knickerbockers. 12-inch LP, limited pressing on clear vinyl. … [COMPLETE INFO]
Various Artists - Archives Of America
Blue World: Music For The Lonely Hours - 10" EP
Every shade of blue is reflected in this retrospective of classic tracks from the Bethlehem catalog, a source of premier musicians playing world-class jazz during the 1950s and early '60s. Blue World, a collection of blue-themed songs, features one side of impeccably rendered ballad vocals from Mel Torme, Chris Connor, Betty Blake, and Bobby Troup, with jazz instrumentals from the Pete Brown Sextet and Booker Ervin on the other. The great Cary Ginell provides liner notes. 10-inch LP, limited pressing. … [COMPLETE INFO]
Various Artists - Archives Of America
Serenade: Night Ballads From Bethlehem - 10" EP
Eight late-night torch songs beautifully lamenting lost love from the matchless archives of Bethlehem Records. Turn down the lights, pour yourself a drink and listen to unforgettable vocals from Helen Carr, Audrey Morris, Johnny Hartman, Julie London, Chris Connor, Herb Jeffries, and Nina Simone. With liner notes from Cary Ginell. 10-inch LP, limited pressing. … [COMPLETE INFO]
John Lee Hooker
John Lee Hooker Sings Blues - 180 Gram LP
The embodiment of the blues! A primal architect of the genre's structure, Hooker's hypnotic guitar work and commanding vocals influenced everyone who followed, and these tracks - originally released in the late '40s and early '50s as "Texas Slim" - find him at the peak of his playing and singing powers. Pressed at RTI on 180 gram audiophile vinyl, you'll hear every moan, gasp and string blast on this definitive edition of John Lee Hooker Sings Blues, from Sundazed. … [COMPLETE INFO]
The Midnighters
Their Greatest Hits - 180 Gram LP
The lascivious pen of Henry "Hank" Ballard was responsible for many risque odes, including The Midnighters' "Work With Me Annie," "Sexy Ways," and "Get It," major R&B hits of the early '50s all included on 1956's Their Greatest Hits! The FCC banned several of the band's songs from airplay, which only made them that much more desirable for the growing teenage market, and this Sundazed edition - pressed on 180 gram audiophile vinyl at RTI - is the ultimate way to experience the best of the throbbing fury of this storied ensemble at its peak. GET IT! … [COMPLETE INFO]
The Five Royales
The Five Royales - 180 Gram LP
Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Steve Cropper all have cited Five Royales' guitarist and songwriter Lowman Pauling as a major influence! Tracks like "It Hurts Inside" and "Wonder Where Your Love Has Gone" highlight his taught, stinging style with solos that served as lessons for budding guitarists everywhere. Sundazed is proud to reissue The Five Royales - from 1959 - pressed on audiophile quality 180 gram vinyl by RTI and sourced from the original analog tapes. … [COMPLETE INFO]

New Releases for June 2015

SloBeats - featuring Kenny Vaughan
Shark Country / Burton's Move - 7" Single
Kenny Vaughan is the guitarists' guitarist in a city filled with six-stringers. Dave Roe has played bass for nearly EVERYBODY worth hearing. Max Schauf can nail down a rhythm tighter than your favorite jeans. Together, they are SloBeats, a trio bent on bringing instrumental sophistication to musical connoisseurs everywhere. In their experienced hands, songs become aural travelogues, taking you on a journey through genres and styles. It's a trip you'll want to take again and again. … [COMPLETE INFO]
The East Nashville Teens
The Lonely Bull / Bullseye! - 7" Single
Astounding, you-are-there recreations of the shimmering, sparkling sounds of the Shadows, Ventures, and other early string sensations! The first single by the East Nashville Teens - a collaboration of Bob Irwin and the Pluto Walkers with founding Los Straitjackets members Eddie Angel and Jimmy Lester - "The Lonely Bull/Bullseye!" is the explosion of creativity as generated by five 45 rpm-obsessed musicians! … [COMPLETE INFO]
The Greg Martin Group
Two Storming Instrumental Cuts from the Kentucky Headhunters Guitar Slinger! The Kentucky Headhunters' legendary guitar guru Greg Martin's debut solo single! Joined by Dean Smith and Steve Holmes, Martin and associates lay down storming, stomping renditions of two favorite '60s numbers, "Groovy Grubworm" and "Scratchy" - the former a brilliant marriage of a modified Bo Diddley beat and country and western boogie, and the latter a sleek, shining reading of Travis Wammack's 1964 original! … [COMPLETE INFO]
The Lovin' Spoonful
Hums Of The Lovin' Spoonful - 180 Gram Mono Edition LP
The band soon returned with Hums of the Lovin' Spoonful. Consciously working in different styles, the band essayed country ("Nashville Cats"), folk balladry ("Rain on the Roof") and psych- tinged rock ("Summer in the City"), among other sounds. This time, all the songs were originals and it was the last full album recorded by the original quartet. … [COMPLETE INFO]
The Lovin' Spoonful
Do You Believe In Magic - 180 Gram Mono Edition LP
The first Spoonful single, "Do You Believe in Magic," took AM radio by storm in June of that year, reaching #9 on the Billboard Hot 100. Featuring an irrepressible melody, a chiming autoharp and Yanovsky's tasteful fills, it was an audacious debut. Their inaugural Kama Sutra LP, also titled Do You Believe in Magic, followed in November 1965. … [COMPLETE INFO]
The Lovin' Spoonful
Daydream - 180 Gram Mono Edition LP
By the release of their second album, Daydream, in March 1966, the band's songwriting chops had fully blossomed, particularly Sebastian's, who wrote or co-wrote all but one of the songs. The album's first single, "You Didn't Have to Be So Nice" reached #10 on the Hot 100 and married a signature Yanovsky riff with a galloping piano part to form an indelible hook. The title track, a mid-tempo reverie with an ace whistling solo, did even better, soaring to #2. … [COMPLETE INFO]

New Releases for March 2015

Richie Havens
"Freedom." The very mention of the song conjures images of Richie Havens at Woodstock, fiercely strumming his guitar and lost in an improvisational moment of creation. An intensely engaging performer, Havens honed his craft in the clubs and cafes of Greenwich Village, just over the bridge from his native Brooklyn. Painter, poet and multi-instrumentalist, Havens immersed himself in the Village's beatnik culture just as the nascent folk scene began to develop. … [COMPLETE INFO]
Richie Havens
"Freedom." The very mention of the song conjures images of Richie Havens at Woodstock, fiercely strumming his guitar and lost in an improvisational moment of creation. An intensely engaging performer, Havens honed his craft in the clubs and cafes of Greenwich Village, just over the bridge from his native Brooklyn. Painter, poet and multi-instrumentalist, Havens immersed himself in the Village's beatnik culture just as the nascent folk scene began to develop. … [COMPLETE INFO]
Wayne Cochran
Wayne Cochran! The exclamation point is there for a reason. Known as "The White Knight of Soul," Cochran was flamboyant in both voice and attire. Crowned by a swooping white pompadour, he held back nothing on stage. His performance style was very reminiscent of fellow Georgia native Little Richard Penniman. Like Penniman, music led Cochran to his current career as a minister. Anyone who's ever witnessed a fire-and-brimstone southern gospel service can see the connection between gospel's passion and r&b's groove. … [COMPLETE INFO]

New Releases for February 2015

Eric Burdon & the Animals
The Twain Shall Meet
Burdon and the group returned in April 1968 with The Twain Shall Meet, continuing their psychedelic journey. "Monterey" chronicled the previous summer's seminal festival while "Sky Pilot" reflected the growing anti-war sentiment as the Vietnam Conflict escalated. Steeped in a dense, layered sound full of electric guitars, sitars, strings, brass and washes of phased vocals, the album served notice that Burdon and company were totally in-step with America's youth movement. … [COMPLETE INFO]
Eric Burdon & the Animals
Winds of Change
Reeling from poor management decisions and inter-band strife, The Animals fell apart toward the end of 1966. Seeking a rebirth, lead vocalist Eric Burdon relocated from London to California. There, Burdon assembled a new Animals lineup, retaining only drummer Barry Jenkins from the previous incarnation. Now known as Eric Burdon and The Animals, the group immersed themselves in the psychedelic culture of San Francisco and their sound followed suit.… [COMPLETE INFO]
Bo Diddley
Bo Diddley Is A... Lover
Delivering a devastating punch to rock's early '60s doldrums, Bo Diddley Is a Lover bursts at the seams with Bo's uncompromising, rockin' beat. Yep. Industry and the government may have cleaned up fellow '50s rockers like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis and Gene Vincent, but they didn't get to Bo -- a defiant rocker to the core. … [COMPLETE INFO]
Bo Diddley
Have Guitar Will Travel
Good Lord. Bo Diddley came out with all guns blazing on his floor-rattling romp from 1960, Have Guitar Will Travel. The LP would become a blueprint for SO much great rock 'n' roll that followed: the Stones covered "Mona" in 1965, the Masters Apprentices walloped "Dancing Girl," the Downliners Sect blasted through "Nursery Rhyme," and "Cops and Robbers" even named one of the baddest mid-'60s UK R&B combos ever! … [COMPLETE INFO]

New Releases for January 2015

The Shadows of Knight
LIVE 1966
Besides releasing two classic longplayers and many more singles (including the smash, "Gloria"), touring/behaving badly all across America and appearing on TV shows like 'Upbeat' and 'Where The Action Is', the Shadows of Knight also ruled at suburban Chicago's hands-down hippest teen club, The Cellar. Over the decades, their Cellar performances have become the stuff of legend. … [COMPLETE INFO]
The Standells
The Standells' amazing string of punkish, tough-guy anthems, like "Dirty Water" and "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White", define the legacy of mid-sixties garage rock like nothing else. With the success of these records came '66 tours with the Rolling Stones and Beach Boys. From all reports, the Standells proved a superb live act. But for decades their on-stage reputation rested on… [COMPLETE INFO]
King Strings - Various Artists
JOHN LEE HOOKER, ALBERT KING, JOHNNY "GUITAR" WATSON and more on 180 Gram Vinyl Pressed at R.T.I. Selected from the crown jewels of the rich King-Federal-DeLuxe discography, King Strings features rocking, socking guitar instrumentals from the Cincinnati-based family of labels cut between 1949 and 1962, programmed for power! Fashioned as a vintage King LP from the era and containing a killer line-up … [COMPLETE INFO]

New Releases for October 2014

James Brown
Love Power Peace 3 LP Set
James Brown's magnum opus! Love Power Peace is the sound of the Godfather and his youngblood J.B.'s (including Bootsy and Catfish Collins) electrifying a crazed Parisian audience on March 8, 1971. Sequenced and mixed by Brown himself for a planned triple album, the set was shelved when key band members departed before it could be issued. Here, for the first time, are the sides as intended, exactly as delivered by James Brown Productions … [COMPLETE INFO]
Freddy (Freddie) King
Bossa Nova and Blues LP
One of the Three Kings of blues guitar along with B.B. and Albert, Texas-born Freddy (Freddie) King influenced everyone from Eric Clapton and Peter Green in the UK to Jerry Garcia and Stevie Ray Vaughan in the States. But even his staying up all night playing poker with Grand Funk wasn't enough to prevent his seminal King/Federal albums from staying out of print on vinyl for decades … [COMPLETE INFO]

New Releases for June 2014

Bo Diddley
It's tempting to say that Bo Diddley recorded 11 full-length albums, each one better than the last; but that would be denying the pure, unsurpassed genius of his first, Bo Diddley. Music historians have wasted so many perfectly good words trying to explain the significance of Bo Diddley. "Bo Diddley liberated the blues from the 12-bar form and melded it to an insistent, infectious rhumba beat," they bleat … [COMPLETE INFO]
Bo Diddley
Bo Diddley's Beach Party
It's the beach party of your dreams. Not one of those with the squeaky-clean suburban kids doing the frug at Malibu like in the movies, oh no. This is Myrtle Beach, filled with dangerous bikers and gang members and hot mamas and escaped convicts and god knows who else (best not to ask), all cruising for kicks. It's after midnight but the heat still lingers from a blistering day. Except for a small bonfire … [COMPLETE INFO]
Beautiful! The Youngbloods Live in San Francisco, 1971
By the time the Youngbloods, always crowd faves at the west coast ballrooms, performed live for San Francisco's free-form radio pioneer KSAN in 1971, they'd honed their set to a fine gloss. Featuring the smooth as apple-butter voice of Jesse Colin Young and the guitar/keyboard wizardry of Banana, backed by the rock-solid bass-and-drum tandem of Michael Kane and Joe Bauer, the Youngbloods … [COMPLETE INFO]

New Releases for May 2014

Phase 1
Mike Condello did it all in four decades in the music business: serve as music director for two local Phoenix TV shows (Teen Beat and The Wallace & Ladmo Show), lead his own bands like Hub Cap and the Wheels, parody the Beatles with Commodore Condello's Salt River Navy Band, and even play with luminaries like Keith Moon, the Tubes, and Jackson Browne. In 1968, he also led his own band… [COMPLETE INFO]
Paper Garden
Paper Garden
Sgt. Pepper taught a lot of bands to play in 1967, including New York's Paper Garden, whose absorption of the Fab Four's Summer of Love statement came out on Musicor Records the following year. What Paper Garden can't match in terms of the Beatles' sophistication they make up for in ambition, as exhibited on the harpsichord-enhanced pop genius of "Lady's Man," orchestrated gems like… [COMPLETE INFO]
Stoned Age Man
Rooted in the steamy backroads of Texas and deep-fried at a Memphis recording studio, Joseph's Stoned Age Man was served up like a sizzling hot rattlesnake appetizer slathered in fuzz-blooz grease in 1969. Legend has it that the titles of eight of the album's nine songs came before they were written on the spot, which speaks volumes for the talents of Joseph (aka, Joseph Longeria) … [COMPLETE INFO]

New Releases for April 2014 - Record Store Day

The Standells
Dirty Water / Twitchin'
Record Store Day 2014 limited edition on clear vinyl! Picture sleeve with rare photos and new notes by the Standells' Larry Tamblyn! The Standells are one of the most successful of all garage rock bands, with their signature song "Dirty Water" having been a huge nationwide hit in the sultry summer of 1966! True fathers of punk rock, they were touring later that year to support the success of their hit record when they were professionally captured on tape opening up for the Beach Boys… [COMPLETE INFO]
The Litter
Action Woman / A Legal Matter
Limited edition for Record Store Day 2014! New picture sleeve with a rare photo of the Litter, plus notes by author Mike Markesich!! Stunning audio taken from the original reels - pressed on blue wax!! Scotty Records 45 labels, just like the 1967 original!!!! The 1966 debut by the Minneapolis-based Litter! "Action Woman" and "A Legal Matter" are stomping, searing '60s sides - an unstoppable collection of snotty vocals and fuzzy guitar lines. The Litter become a determined collective mind… [COMPLETE INFO]
Roy Lanham
The Spectacular Six-String of Roy Lanham
Limited Edition Red Vinyl...with tracks only available here! 1959 recordings, previously unissued in any format! Pressed on red wax - a tribute to Roy's signature red Fender Jazzmaster guitar! The space-age guitar sound of Roy Lanham! A guitarist's guitarist, Lanham had no less a player than Merle Travis commenting about listening to his records in admiration - his clean, jazzy lines were a fountain of inspiration for several generations of pickers! After touring heavily in the 1940s with acts like… [COMPLETE INFO]
The Sunrays
Our Leader / Won't You Tell Me
First-ever vinyl issue for both tracks! Rare photos, plus notes by founding Sunrays member Rick Henn! 1965-styled picture sleeve with vintage full color Sunrays photos! When the Beach Boys fired their manager-father Murry Wilson in 1964, he recruited a young group - the Sunrays - to mentor as he had his own children. The 'Rays took on sun, fun and girls in songs like "I Live For the Sun" and "Andrea" - heavily influenced by Brian Wilson's rich, intricate production… [COMPLETE INFO]
Link Wray
Slinky / Rendezvous
Reproduction of the ultra-rare original picture sleeve and original Epic promo labels! Limited edition for Record Store Day 2014! Mastered from the original reels! Taut and tough Wray from his heyday! One of the original heavy metal heroes, Link Wray basically invented power chord riffing - both Jimmy Page and Pete Townshend have credited their interest in becoming axe gods to him - and his recordings are a monument to the relentless influence of his unique razor-blade extended guitar sound … [COMPLETE INFO]

New Releases for March 2014

The See See
Days, Nights & Late Morning Lights
The See See are a contemporary psychedelic band with one foot in 1967 and the other in 2014 - they not only make psychedelic music for today, they make it for forever. The See See originated out of the ashes of some of the modern pop world's hippest guitar psych acts, most notably Richard Olson's 'The Eighteenth Day of May'. Forged in the uber-competitive London music scene… [COMPLETE INFO]
Pandemonium Shadow Show
Nilsson's first true album, 1967's Pandemonium Shadow Show, is an astonishing collection that announces the artist's unique vaudevillian take on 1960s pop music - a style that brought him to the attention of the Beatles by way of their press agent Derek Taylor. Produced by Rick Jarrard (Jefferson Airplane, Jose Feliciano) and primarily arranged by George Tipton, the set strikes a balance between Harry's breathtaking originals… [COMPLETE INFO]
Aerial Ballet
Aerial Ballet solidified Nilsson's craft as a singer-songwriter par excellence. His pen is decidedly sharper in songs like "Together," "One" and "Don't Leave Me," which deal with the insecurities and fatalities of romance. Suicide is explored in "I Said Goodbye to Me," and the subjects of fame ("Mr. Richland's Favorite Song") and fatherhood ("Daddy's Song") get their drubbing in scat-filled soft-shoe style. This Sundazed edition presents the 1968 mono mix… [COMPLETE INFO]

New Releases for February 2014

Jimi Hendrix
Purple Haze
The second single by the Jimi Hendrix Experience, "Purple Haze" coupled with "51st Anniversary," as it was issued in the UK and Europe, showcases the artistry and mystique of Jimi Hendrix. It beckons us into his psychedelic world just as it did in spring 1967, when it hit the Top Five in the UK between the likes of "Somethin' Stupid" and "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" on the charts. The two sides presented Hendrix's space-age take on blues and pop, establishing… [COMPLETE INFO]
Lula Reed
Blue and Moody
An arresting, singular chanteuse, Lula Reed beat out 50 other contestants in an audition for Sonny Thompson's band at the Toledo Auditorium. Following her victory, 22-year old Reed trekked down to Cincinnati with future husband Thompson to record for Sid Nathan's King Records. These sessions yielded two Billboard Top Ten R&B singles, "Let's Call It a Day" (#7) and "I'll Drown in My Tears" (#5). These songs plus ten more smokin' sides are collected on Blue and Moody… [COMPLETE INFO]
Chuck Jackson
I Don't Want To Cry
Growing up in Pittsburgh, Chuck Jackson witnessed first-hand the rise of the city's vibrant doo wop scene. Joining local heroes the Del Vikings, his smooth, commanding voice took the lead on their 1957 single "Willette." Going solo in 1959, Jackson was spotted by producer/Wand Records A&R man Luther Dixon while opening for Jackie Wilson at the Apollo Theater. With Dixon, Jackson co-wrote his first hit, "I Don't Want to Cry." The track featured a lavish… [COMPLETE INFO]
Chuck Jackson
On Tour
In the original liner notes for Chuck Jackson on Tour (1964), Bob King describes Jackson "a man with pent up talent." Consequently, this LP is the sound of that talent erupting all over the stage of the famed Apollo Theater, the same venue where Jackson had been discovered a few years earlier. Jackson leads the airtight band through raw, sweat-soaked versions of his hits "I Wake Up Crying" and "Any Day Now," giving the audience their money's worth and more. He also includes… [COMPLETE INFO]

New Releases for January 2014

The Velvet Underground
Velvet Underground
Originally released as part of MGM's "Golden Archive Series," this 1970 album (simply referred to as Velvet Underground) is a terrific sin-and-salvation selection from the first three VU albums – just the kind of thing to take along to a desert island or to the end of the world.… [COMPLETE INFO]
Wendy & Bonnie
One of the most remarkable unheard albums of 1969, Genesis, the sole release by San Francisco-based sisters Wendy and Bonnie Flower, has emerged as an acclaimed pop-psych touchstone. Brimming with melodic confections and laced with radiant, sisterly harmonies, the set's breezy Brazilian splashes and soft-rock strains convey a sophistication that belies the artists' tender ages… [COMPLETE INFO]

Other Recent Releases

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