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The Guess Who

Although the band didn’t break into the international charts until 1969, Canada’s Guess Who had by then been racking up hits in the group’s homeland for years, starting with 1965’s “Shakin’ All Over.” And it’s those initial recordings (from 1963 to 1967; many of which feature original singer Chad Allan) that will be of supreme interest to garage fans, for the Guess Who’s early work—the storming, MC5-ish “Believe Me,” the snotty “It’s My Pride,” the menacing “Clock on the Wall”—more than hold their own against their British and American counterparts. The Guess Who continued to score worldwide hits into the mid 1970s, by which time guitarist Randy Bachman had left to eventually start Bachman-Turner Overdrive.
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Artist: The Guess Who
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Artist: The Guess Who
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