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The wildly eclectic New Rhythm & Blues Quintet, better known to its worldwide legion of adoring fans as NRBQ (or just "the Q" for short!), is the only band on the planet that can fill its dance card with rockabilly, Beatles sound-alikes, bar-band blooze and Sun Ra-inspired free-jazz freakouts and remain standing. You've just gotta love any combo that feels equally at home backing country/pop legend Skeeter Davis or swapping riffs with much-heralded New Thing jazz keyboardist Carla Bley. To call the sound of Terry Adams & Co. all over the map is like saying Tiger Woods is a pretty decent golfer!
Releases by this Artist:

Artist: NRBQ
Format: LP

Artist: NRBQ
Format: 10" (vinyl)

Artist: NRBQ
Format: digital download