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The John Howard Abdnor Involvement

Even by the anything-goes standards of the '60s, the John Howard Abdnor Involvement's 1969 release Intro to Change is a unique album. A decidedly idiosyncratic collision of mainstream pop styles and a left-field psychedelic sensibility, it's the product of one man's unique musical journey.

John Howard Abdnor Jr.'s consuming desire to become a pop star coincided with the fact that his father owned the Dallas-based Abnak label, home of noted garage-popsters the Five Americans and cult soul auteur Bobby Patterson. Abdnor began releasing solo singles when the label launched in 1963, and achieved substantial notoriety as part of Jon and Robin and the In Crowd, which scored a national Top 20 hit with 1967's "Do It Again A Little Bit Slower."

By 1969, Jon and Robin had split up, and Abdnor had turned his attention towards the John Howard Abdnor Involvement, which debuted with Intro to Change. The album is truly one of a kind, encompassing psychedelicized soul ("How Do You Teach a Turtle To Fly"), rugged country-rock ("Sandy, I'm Your Man"), raw R&B ("'I'll Come Running To You'"), singer-songwriter sensitivity ("J.D.") and epic Aquarian-age weirdness ("Relaxation"), all delivered with an off-kilter edge that's both alluring and mildly disturbing.

Intro to Change would be one of the last releases for Abnak, which folded in 1971, as well as the final entry in John Howard Abdnor Jr.'s quixotic discography. Abdnor's life would soon take a series of dramatic turns that would carry him far from his music. In the years since, Intro to Change has amassed a considerable cult mystique that's been amplified by its rarity. This digital release marks the first time that this unlikely gem has been available in any form since its original release!