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The Standells

The snarling vocals fronting the fuzz 'n' Farfisa-laced sound of 1966 chart-toppers the Standells epitomized the wild in the streets teenage spirit of Sunset Strip-era Los Angeles as much as anyone! Led by the snotty, post-pubescent voice of drummer Dick Dodd, the entrancing keyboards of Larry Tamblyn and the searing guitar of Tony Valentino, the Standells cut "Dirty Water," then followed it up with a laundry list of mighty, quintessentially American, garage-rock anthems that would one day fuel the eager young minds (and sticky fingers) of the Stooges, Ramones and Green Day, as well as legions of adenoidal punk-rockers yet to come!
Releases by this Artist:

Artist: The Standells
Format: compact disc

Artist: The Standells
Format: LP

Artist: The Standells
Format: 10" (vinyl)

Artist: The Standells
Format: 7" single