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Doug Dillard and Gene Clark

Following the '68 release of the groundbreaking album The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark, Gene Clark and Doug Dillard returned to the studio in early '69 to record a new single for A&M. Country-rock was still in its formative stage and was certainly considered a commercial risk. The result was stunning. “Lyin’ Down the Middle” unveiled itself as an infectious, uptempo country rocker, featuring one of Gene Clark’s most inspired vocals and further enhanced by future-Eagle Bernie Leadon’s supremely tasteful guitar-picking. For a follow-up single release just a few short months later, Dillard & Clark cut the lushly orchestrated Clark composition “Why Not Your Baby." Boasting gorgeous harmonies and soaring strings, the recording remains one of the strongest in Clark's repertoire, and one of the finest examples of the sound of country meeting rock.
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Artist: Doug Dillard and Gene Clark
Format: 7" single