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Adrian Lloyd

Bursting out of hi-fi speakers like a deranged Yardbird, Adrian Lloyd’s “Lorna” rode a booming Bo Diddley beat through 2:23 of unhinged musical madness. Capturing some of the wildest screams ever recorded, Lloyd also played a pounding drum solo to drive home the song’s tribal tattoo. The flip side, “Got a Little Woman,” slows the tempo to a menacing minor key surf beat without lowering the intensity at all. Released on L.A. independent Charger Records in 1965, in between singles by considerably more mainstream artists Barbara Mason and Dobie Gray, it stood out like a juvenile delinquent at choir practice. Way too wild for Top 40 AM radio, the single went nowhere and Charger elected not to release a follow-up. The lure of “Lorna” didn’t end there, however. Through the ensuing decades, word of the single spread throughout the garage rock community where it was hailed as a mutant masterpiece of the genre. Lloyd, already a surf music legend thanks to his earlier work with the Rumblers and Adrian and the Sunsets, now added a proto-punk jewel to his crown. The original Charger 45 became a holy grail for collectors, with far too few copies circulating to meet the demand. Into this breach steps Sudazed, bringing back this rare 7” for a limited Record Store Day release. Sourced from the original Charger analog tape reels, you’ll be wowed by its magnificent mono majesty. But grab it quick—with only a limited number of copies available, “Lorna” will soon be long gone!
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Artist: Adrian Lloyd
Format: 7" single