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Waylon Jennings

Over the course of his remarkable career, Waylon Jennings maintained an unparalleled level of artistic excellence. Compare his recordings from any decade and the stellar quality remains unchanged. When Waylon left us in 2002, he had been working on a new album, recording with the help of his steel guitarist/bassist Robby Turner. These recordings featured Waylon and his acoustic guitar on 12 songs, 9 original compositions and 3 co-written with friends and colleagues. The plan was to add the rest of his group, The Waymore Blues Band, to the tracks but upon his death, the Jennings family decided that releasing the album immediately would unfairly capitalize on his fansí grief and the project was held for ten years.

Listening to these intimate acoustic recordings now is a goosebump-inducing experience. That VOICE, so familiar and commanding, comes across like it was 1977. Or 1967. Similar in structure to Johnny Cashís bare-bones American Recordings, Waylonís Goiní Down Rockiní completely fulfills its prophetic title! These songs capture the undiminished, full throttle essence of the Outlaw and serve as a moving epitaph for one of musicís all-time greats. Sundazed is honored to present this album free of overdubs and edits, exactly as it was recorded, with nothing between Waylon and listener. Place this platter on your turntable and pull up a virtual stool for a set of songs that are lonesome, oníry and meaningful.
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Artist: Waylon Jennings
Format: LP