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Various Artists - Dancehall Stringbusters

Sundazed has put together the most butt-kickin' guitar instrumental anthology ever, 20 copiously annotated tracks of '60s fretboard mojo whose rawboned reverb, tickling tremolo and fearsome fuzz will cause your very walls to sweat! Includes Jack the Ripper Link Wray; Twin Exhaust Secrets (a.k.a. Roy Buchanan!); Sour Biscuits Wes Dakus; Jezebel (previously unissued!) Al Casey; Quite a Party Fireballs; Watusi Zombie Jan Davis; Thunder Head Teddy & the Rough Riders; Rock City Kathy Lynn & the Playboys; The Growl Alan Pierce & the Tone Kings; Uprisin' Cherokees; Pulsebeat Buddies, and more.