The work of the Left Banke has long been an elusive holy grail for vintage pop fanatics. The legendary “baroque rock” combo’s work ranks with the greatest American music of the 1960s, and remains beloved by discerning pop connoisseurs around the world. Out of print for decades and despite its longstanding unavailability, the Left Banke’s music has attained an ever-increasing level of prestige over the years, and continues to exercise a powerful mystique amongst the group’s legion of admirers.

Mike Fornatale, current Left Banke vocalist

I was twelve years old and an inveterate Ballad-Hater. I tolerated a few ballads by the Beatles and the Dave Clark Five; but mainly, if it didn't rock I didn't want it. And then suddenly here was this new song on the radio, called "Walk Away Renee." I'd never heard anything like it. I was transfixed. The Left Banke completely opened up my world.

And now I'm the one that gets to sing that song.


Photo by Daniel Coston

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Walk Away Renee/
Pretty Ballerina

The Left Banke Too

Not Us

Before folks start scrawling threatening notes, driving their cars off cliffs, or even sighing deeply, please understand that the sound effect of the needle-in-the-run-off-groove at the end of track 5 on The Left Banke Too is just that—A SOUND EFFECT. It’s a little joke, purposely inserted into the program by the artist way back in 1968, to make you smile. It exists on the master tape, and is on every copy of this record ever pressed. At ease.

Cookie Dakes-Wrublewski and Carrie Cavalluzzi, co-presidents of the Official Left Banke Fan Club

Hello everyone! We have been co-presidents of the LEFT BANKE fan club for the past 45 years, and now we run the official fan page on Facebook. It all started for us in September ’67, when we were 15 & 16 years old.

We received a call from the Clay Cole show to interview the Left Banke as teen reporters for Flip magazine. The Left Banke, were doing a taping which would air later that week. When we arrived, we were greeted by Tom Finn, who was wondering around the halls. He proceeded to bring us into their dressing room for the interview. During the interview the tables got turned, and the Left Banke began to interview us, then each other, then back to us again. In the end they asked us to take over the fan club. So on that day in ’67 till the summer of ’69 we ran the fan club yet had never gone to a performance since we were too young to get into the clubs.

The first time Cookie saw the Left Banke perform was at Joe’s Pub in 2011, 44 years later and Carrie has not yet seen them since she lives on the West Coast, but it will happen and then the circle will be complete. To this day, it was the best time of our lives and still is! They are an extraordinary bunch of musicians! GO FOR BAROQUE……INVEST IN THE LEFT BANKE!!!!!!
Cookie & Carrie

Cookie with Tom Finn and George Cameron.

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