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1. Daddy's Song
2. Good Old Desk
3. Don't Leave Me
4. Mr. Richland's Favorite Song
5. Little Cowboy
6. Together

1. Everybody's Talkin'
2. I Said Goodbye to Me
3. Little Cowboy
4. Mr. Tinker
5. One
6. The Wailing of the Willow
7. Bath


LP | $28.98

LP 5468

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Aerial Ballet solidified Nilsson’s craft as a singer-songwriter par excellence. His pen is decidedly sharper in songs like “Together,” “One,” and “Don’t Leave Me,” which deal with the insecurities and fatalities of romance. Suicide is explored in “I Said Goodbye to Me,” and the subjects of fame (“Mr. Richland’s Favorite Song”) and fatherhood (“Daddy’s Song”) get their drubbing in scat-filled soft-shoe style. This Sundazed edition presents the 1968 mono mix of this treasured work—scarce then, and virtually impossible to locate in the decades since—from the original master reels, with restored artwork. Also included is “Daddy’s Song,” a tune quickly deleted from the original pressings that features a noticeably different vocal arrangement in its monaural form, and the original first-issue single mix of “Everybody’s Talkin’,” among other highlights. A unique version seen only briefly when issued and virtually untouchable in the intervening years, Aerial Ballet in mono, pressed at R.T.I., is now available on 180 gram vinyl.

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1. Ten Little Indians
2. 1941
3. Cuddly Toy
4. She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune
5. You Can't Do That
6. Sleep Late, My Lady Friend

1. She's Leaving Home
2. There Will Never Be
3. Without Her
4. Freckles
5. It's Been So Long
6. River Deep Mountain High


LP | $28.98

LP 5467

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Nilsson’s first true album, 1967’s Pandemonium Shadow Show, is an astonishing collection that announces the artist’s unique vaudevillian take on 1960s pop music—a style that brought him to the attention of the Beatles by way of their press agent Derek Taylor. Produced by Rick Jarrard (Jefferson Airplane, José Feliciano) and primarily arranged by George Tipton, the set strikes a balance between Harry’s breathtaking originals (the autobiographical “1941,” the melancholy “Without Her” and the playful “Ten Little Indians”) and a tasteful array of covers (the Beatles’ “You Can’t Do That” and “She’s Leaving Home,” as well as Phil Spector’s gargantuan “River Deep‑Mountain High”), all the while showcasing the vocal prowess of the True One. Plus, the usual benefits of a vintage mono mix are here—a louder rhythm section, more present bass, and an overall sense of ensemble that stereo of the era could rarely capture. A stunning work, pressed at R.T.I., now available from Sundazed in a 180 gram edition with restored artwork.

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Open Up Your Door
Fix Me Up
And I Wonder
Powers Of Ten
The Rain & The Snow
Late Morning Light
Sweet Hands
Little Tease*
Keep Your Head
Mary Soul*
As The Morning
That's My Sign
Gold & Honey
The Day That Was The Day

The See See

compact disc | $14.98

SC 6326

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Sundazed New Artist Release
The See See - Heirs to the Paisley Underground!!!

On Compact Disc and 180 Gram Vinyl Pressed at R.T.I.

The See See are a contemporary psychedelic band with one foot in 1967 and the other in 2014—they not only make psychedelic music for today, they make it for forever. The See See originated out of the ashes of some of the modern pop world’s hippest guitar psych acts, most notably Richard Olson’s 'The Eighteenth Day of May'. Forged in the über-competitive London music scene, The See See have an ever-increasing fan base amongst Paisley Europeans fond of Television’s guitars, Moby Grape’s harmonies, the White Stripes’ bite and Syd Barrett style. Their music is an exploding kaleidoscope of colors and sounds!

This is the band’s first full-length US release, especially designed for the American market. Through a combination of their cutting-edge use of social media and their old-fashioned work ethic, which has seen The See See tour, tour and tour again, they have saturated the continental European indie market and given London its hippest, most innovative guitar scene in years!

This Sundazed anthology of music from these heirs to the Paisley Underground is classic psychedelia. Listen as The See See leave cult status behind and head for the far reaches of the galaxy…and the top rung of the charts. Whether it’s on 180 gram vinyl pressed at R.T.I. or compact disc, this collection should be ordered today as next week it will be the soundtrack of tomorrow!

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The Rain & the Snow / Snowdrop
7" Single • SUN-SS-263

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