The MERRY-GO-ROUND is coming to Sundazed!

We are currently mastering the awesome MERRY-GO-ROUND You’re A Very Lovely Woman album today for our new vinyl release!!! We just love this album – and we love Emitt Rhodes! Added bonus – the original master tapes sound incredible!!! This album is currently planned for an April release.



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Dick Dale on Vinyl!

Surf’s up!!! Watch for the entire Dick Dale catalog coming on vinyl from us in late March, including an absolutely killer double LP set of all of Dick’s whomping single sides (A’s & B’s!), ca. ’61-65… Jungle Fever, Baby!

• DICK DALE AND HIS DEL-TONES: Singles Collection ’61-65 2-LP Set


• DICK DALE AND HIS DEL-TONES: King of the Surf Guitar




• DICK DALE AND HIS DEL-TONES: Rock Out with Dick Dale and His Del-Tones (Live at Ciro’s)


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UGLY THINGS #29 – Now In Stock!

The biggest and best issue yet! 224 pages. Top cover stories include a huge feature on Australia’s mighty Masters Apprentices as well as a tribute to the late, great Sky Saxon of the Seeds. We also have in-depth stories on ‘60s beat group The Fenmen (featuring pre-Pretty Things members Wally Waller and Jon Povey), UK pop-psych faves the West Coast Consortium, outrageous LA proto-punks The Imperial Dogs, and seminal California garage folk-rockers The Wildflower.

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Platter Chatter: The Velvet Underground Singles 1966—69

Singles 1966—69 7 x 7″ Single Box Set – $44.98

Sundazed is proud to release The Velvet Underground Singles 1966—69, a 7 x 7″ single box set honoring the legendary New York combo’s 7″ vinyl output in their rare mono versions. The set features exact reproductions of Velvet Underground singles, two of them with their original picture sleeves. The singles are packaged in a distinctively designed box, along with rare vintage photos and new liner notes by Rolling Stone’s David Fricke (who also penned the acclaimed notes for the historic 1995 Velvets CD box set Peel Slowly and See).

The Velvet Underground—whose membership included Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, Maureen Tucker, Doug Yule and Nico—introduced numerous sonic and thematic innovations that laid much of the groundwork for punk and alternative rock. Although they’re now acknowledged as one of the most influential bands in rock history, during their existence the Velvets barely registered on mainstream radar, and were often reviled by mainstream observers as well as hippie-era arbiters of cool. But, as Fricke writes in the new set’s liner notes, “Somewhere, in another rock & roll universe, the Velvet Underground are more than a legendary band. They are stars, with hit singles—the original seven-inch masterpieces inside this box.”

“Sundazed throws another perfect game!”

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Platter Chatter: 2131 South Michigan Avenue: 60’s Garage & Psychedelia from USA and Destination Records

2131 South Michigan Avenue: 60’s Garage & Psychedelia from USA and Destination Records

Sundazed once again arrives to the rescue with an exhaustive dive into the pure, undiluted garage side of USA and Destination Records; tapping into everything from priceless artifacts from the Lost Agency, the Foggy Notions, and Park Avenue Playground to label hitmakers the Buckinghams, the Cryan’ Shames, and the Flock at their most rockin’. There’s so much impossibly great music on these labels, we had to expand this collection to 40 tracks.

“Holy %$#@, that has to be the greatest LP packaging I have ever seen/clutched/whatever.”

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Platter Chatter: Moby Grape – The Place and the Time

The Place and the Time

While 1967’s Moby Grape is widely acknowledged as a classic (and one of rock’s greatest debut albums), the subsequent Wow, Moby Grape ’69 and Truly Fine Citizen are all underrated gems with much to recommend them. It’s a measure of the musicians’ abundance of talent and creativity that, despite the multiple roadblocks that they confronted, Moby Grape recorded prolifically and cut a wealth of originally unreleased material. The Place and the Time offers a scintillating assortment of rare tracks cut during the band’s heady 1967-1968 heyday. Encompassing audition recordings, album outtakes, alternate versions, live material and more, the recordings offer a powerful testament to the remarkable rapport that made Moby Grape such a unique force.

“You just have to get this one…”

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