Howard Berkman

We’re very, very sad to learn of our friend Howard Berkman’s recent passing… Howard was the mighty leader, singer and songwriter of DUNWICH RECORDS legends, THE KNAVES. What a wonderfully wild talent… He’ll certainly be missed. And we will do our very best to carry on his legacy.

Experience THE KNAVES sound HERE.

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Just walk to the WFMU Record Fair to Meet George Cameron of the Left Banke!

On Saturday, October 29 at 1:00 PM, George Cameron, founding member of the Left Banke, will be visiting the Sundazed Music booth (B14 & B15) at the world-renowned WFMU Record Fair, at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W. 18th St., between 6th and 7th Avenues. He’ll be greeting fans and signing copies of Sundazed’s CD and LP reissues of the Left Banke’s beloved ’60s albums Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina and The Left Banke Too. The Sundazed crew will also be out in force, dispensing the usual bounty of irresistible vinyl and CD goodies to voracious music junkies, so come on down and say hello!

Check out the Left Banke on Sundazed HERE!


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Join Sundazed at the WFMU 2011 Record Fair

Mark down the dates of the WFMU 2011 Record Fair in New York City!

Join us once again at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W. 18th St, in splendidly autumnal Manhattan. The Sundazed staff will be there on Friday, October 28 and Saturday, October 29, perched next to a few tables loaded down with orange crates full of reasonably-priced vinyl rarities and, of course, all the hottest new Sundazed releases. As Time Out New York once put it: “Sell your clothes, sell your books, sell your soul to get some extra cash to blow at this event, probably the best of its kind anywhere in the U.S.”

More info here!

Join Sundazed at the WFMU Record Fair!

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“Rabid in the Kennel” podcast features the Left Banke

Jack Rabid of The Big Takeover magazine features the Left Banke performing live on his latest “Rabid in the Kennel” podcast:

“This week/month on the “Rabid in the Kennel” sessions: it’s New York’s ’60s legends The Left Banke! Wow! Doing (live in session) their massive Top 20 1966 smashes “Walk Away Renee” and “Pretty Ballerina” and two others, with their current lineup (featuring original singers, Tom Finn and George Cameron, and some great Losers Lounge-associated greats). Plus I spin records by spinoff band Montage and their contemporaries The Zombies, plus Belle & Sebastian (naturally; the Left Banke have no bigger fans), and Starbelly covering them. And as usual, I interview Finn and Cameron; what a thrill and a pleasure!”

Listen in!

Check out the Left Banke on Sundazed!

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October 2011 Releases

Our October 2011 releases are now available for ordering:

In this crazy, a la carte MP3 world it’s too easy to forget that a true album is a body of work–and not just a collection of songs. To honor this artistic intent, we’re proud to present this new launch of CD counterparts to some of our best-selling vinyl titles. Each and every title has been sourced from the original masters and are packaged in precise recreations of the original artwork.

New LIMITED EDITION Compact Discs:

The Mamas and the Papas – If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears MONO LIMITED EDITION CD

The Strawberry Alarm Clock – Incense and Peppermints LIMITED EDITION CD

The Blues Project – Projections MONO LIMITED EDITION CD

The Druids of Stoneheng – Creation LIMITED EDITION CD

Fever Tree – Fever Tree LIMITED EDITION CD

New Vinyl LP:


Hot Tuna – Hot Tuna Vinyl LP

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September 2011 Releases

Our September 2011 releases are now available for ordering:



Upon leaving the Byrds, Gene Clark blended many genres into his own brand of Americana.  Tremendously influential on his peers as well as future generations of musicians, his legacy lives on through these watershed albums:

• The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark
• White Light
• Roadmaster

All sourced from the original A&M analog session tapes, Sundazed Music is proud to make these releases available again.

Complete info here!  

Also available:

Gene Clark with The Gosdin Brothers

on Compact Disc and LP

THE MAGIC BAND performing the music of Captain Beefheart


Oxford, UK-June 6, 2005

Available on Compact Disc and 2-LP Set

Famously forged in a cauldron of intense artistic pressure, the Magic Band emerged as a group unlike any other in popular music. Under the tenacious tutelage of Don Van Vliet, better known as Captain Beefheart, this strikingly innovative unit took their music to unexplored places, creating a musical language all their own. Throughout the band’s chaotic history with Beefheart, drummer John “Drumbo” French served as the chief translator, deciphering the Captain’s often cryptic instructions into a discernable direction for the band. His tireless efforts provided the essential conduit through which Beefheart’s multi-hued compositional visions transformed into concrete audio sculptures. In simpler terms, he was the glue.

In response to repeated fan requests, French assembled an all-star cast of Magic Band veterans—Denny “Freebo Reelers” Walley/guitar, Gary “Mantis” Lucas/guitar, Mark “Rockette Morton” Boston/bass and Michael Traylor/drums—and brought them to the U.K. for several concert tours between 2003 and 2006. Freed from the confines of his drum kit, French stepped into the front man role, singing and playing harmonica. Exploring songs from the Magic Band’s rich catalog, the group returned to these compositions with fervor, faithfully recreating them while simultaneously adding new sonic colors to the palette. Enraptured audiences across the empire reveled in the revived music, thrilled to hear the long-silent repertoire performed again.

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