Two new Left Banke show dates announced


The Left Banke, have two more shows scheduled this summer, including one on July 20 at Littlefield in Brooklyn and another on August 20 at Bearsville Theater in Woodstock, NY.

Check out the Left Banke on Sundazed HERE!

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July 2011 Releases

Our releases for July 2011 are now available for ordering:

Oscar & the Majestics – No Chance Baby! Compact Disc and 180 gram vinyl LP
Oscar & the Majestics – Baby Under My Skin / I Can’t Explain 7″ Single
The Remains - Let Me Through (live) / Why Do I Cry 7″ Single
Neighb’rhood Childr’n – Neigb’rhood Childr’n LIMITED EDITION CD and 180 gram vinyl LP
Fever Tree - Live 1969 LIMITED EDITION CD and 180 gram vinyl LP

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A wonderful review of our new Hollies 7″box set!

Michael Fremer of has written a wonderful review of our new Hollies 10 x7″ box set!

Order your copy here!


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June 2011 Releases


New releases for June 2011:

The Left Banke - Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina Compact Disc and 180 gram vinyl LP
The Left Banke –
The Left Banke Too Compact Disc and 180 gram vinyl

Order them now!

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The Hollies: 10 x 7” box set now available!


This highly resonant set acts as a guidebook to many of the missing links behind the one British beat group who, more than any other, stayed neck-and-neck with the Beatles throughout the ‘60s. In terms of quality single releases with irresistible chart appeal (15 Top Ten 45s in the UK) and pure musical evolution, there is no doubt the Hollies breathed the same rarified air as the Fab Four.

The Hollies Lost Recordings and Beat Rarities collects 20 long-buried tracks and hard-to-find gems, ranging from rare U.S. and British singles to EP rarities and unissued songs, all perfectly ripe for release as an original Hollies 45, whether that happened or not. Follow the group from their first single (released in May of 1963), the savage “Ain’t That Just Like Me” b/w “Hey What’s Wrong With Me,” through their discotheque dance floor raves: “Come On Back,” “What Kind of Love” and “She Said Yeah.” Swoon to their swingin’ ballad “Yes I Will,” groove with their jazzy “Honey and Wine” and float to outer space with “All The World is Love.” Discover an impossible-to-find, spy-style double-sider the Hollies did for a 1967 Italian movie, and groove to unreleased tracks cut while on tour in New York City in 1965, then marvel at an extremely scarce cover of the Beatles’ “If I Needed Someone,” tracked at Abbey Road, revered recording home to both groups.

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From a complete unknown to rock’s poet laureate…

On May 24th, please join us in honoring Bob Dylan’s on his 70th birthday and let the eleven essential Dylan catalog titles on Sundazed be your celebration soundtrack!

It wasn’t always this easy. Before the blogs, before the Idols, before the paparazzi, becoming a music legend involved equal amounts of talent and hard work. An aspiring artist had many roads they could choose to walk down, but selecting the right one was essential. For young Robert Zimmerman, that long road led from Hibbing, Minnesota to Greenwich Village, where, recast as Bob Dylan, he began working on his craft in earnest. His journey from Woody Guthrie acolyte to “voice of a generation” seems incredibly rapid in retrospect but that was the tenor of those changing times. Along the way, he inspired millions, infuriated many, went electric and became both “Judas” and hero. He also became the single most influential figure in the history of rock. In other words, he became a legend.

In celebration of 70 years of a singular artistic vision, Sundazed Music is proud to present eleven essential Bob Dylan albums. Not merely building blocks, these are cornerstones of the rock genre and must-have selections for any well-stocked personal music library. All titles are painstakingly remastered from the absolute original analog session tapes, nine of them in miraculous mono! Most importantly, each of these albums chronicles a key chapter in an unparalleled career that is still unfolding and continues to find new converts every day. After you’ve been exposed to the “thin, wild mercury sound” of Bob Dylan’s timeless music, there is only one question left to ask:

How does it feel?

See our complete list of Dylan titles here

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