Alex Chilton (1950 – 2010)


Alex Chilton (December 28, 1950 – March 17, 2010)

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Spotlight on the Stooges


The Stooges, led by lead singer/rock ‘n’ roll wildman Iggy Pop, were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 16, 2010. There’s no better way to celebrate than with searing, high-octane Stooges vinyl on Sundazed!

Order your Stooges vinyl HERE!

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Lee Freeman: November 8, 1949-February 14, 2010


RIP, our friend, Lee Freeman. Lee, 60, rhythm guitarist for the Strawberry Alarm Clock, died of cancer Feb. 14 at his home in the Bay Area.

Freeman was an original member of the band, originally called Thee Sixpence when it was formed in 1966. Throughout the late 60’s, the SAC made consistently-great albums and singles for the UNI label. The group also supplied music for-and appeared in-the incredible A.I.P. film “Psych-Out”. Freeman, born Nov. 8, 1949, in Burbank, continued to play with the band during recent reunions.


:: Check out the Strawberry Alarm Clock on Sundazed

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Richard Delvy: April 20, 1942-February 6, 2010


Richard Delvy: April 20, 1942-February 6, 2010

Sundazed Music mourns the passing of our friend Richard Delvy, whose five-decade career exercised an immense impact upon popular music.

As a producer, musician and bandleader, Richard played a key role in the development of surf music in the 1960s. He first made his  mark as drummer of pioneering surf combo The Bel-Airs, one of the first and most influential of California’s instrumental surf outfits.  With The Bel-Airs, Delvy helped to build the foundations of the surf sound, scoring the immortal hit “Mr. Moto” while the band members were still in high school.  Richard remained in the surf vanguard as leader of The Challengers, building a large and varied body of work beginning with the seminal 1963 album Surfbeat, and playing a key role in expanding the surfer culture from regional movement to national phenomenon.

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Blue Cheer and Leigh Stephens now on Sundazed!

AVAILABLE NOW! New 12″ vinyl! Blue Cheer VINCEBUS ERUPTUM in pounding MONO, Blue Cheer’s OUTSIDEINSIDE album, and Blue Cheer-guitarist Leigh Stephens’ mind-bending RED WEATHER LP… all from the original Philips masters!

Blue Cheer looms large in the annals of hard rock, laying down the sonic foundations of heavy metal, and serving as a crucial influence on the birth of punk, grunge and stoner rock. While the rest of the rock world was mellowing out and embracing the spirit of the Summer of Love, the seminal San Francisco power trio was churning out ballsy blues-rock anthems whose fuzz-heavy, adrenaline-charged intensity helped to alter the course of contemporary music.

We Grow Higher!!!!!!!

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Moby Grape “LIVE” due for release in April


We have been working hard in the studio to finish mastering and sequencing our upcoming Moby Grape Live release – all vintage material, ca. ’66 – ’69… bet, it’s crazy-good!!!

Coming in April on CD and as a high-definition vinyl 2-LP set!

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