NEW! Exclusive Cal Schenkel Design Sundazed T-Shirts

Sundazed is proud to unveil this snappy new t-shirt, featuring a brand new old-school turntable logo created for us by legendary artist Cal Schenkel. Schenkel became an underground legend through his lengthy association with Frank Zappa, during which time his iconic style—showcasing both his absurdist sense of humor and his distinctively rough-edged visual sensibility—graced numerous Zappa albums, as well as classic LPs by Captain Beefheart, Tim Buckley and Tom Waits. Schenkel’s unique work was crucial in the emergence of album-cover design as a legitimate art form, and became a major inspiration on subsequent generations of artists and bands, particularly in in the punk/new-wave era. Now, one of rock’s greatest visual artists joins forces with your favorite reissue label to produce this classic t-shirt!

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