Four New Surf 7″ 45s Now Available!

As Quentin Tarantino has confirmed in his film soundtracks, and a conga line of national advertisers knows well, vintage surf music will never die. And once again, Sundazed has unearthed a handful of reverbed surf-garage masterpieces—this time captured on four incredibly-snappy vinyl 7″ releases. Three of them are from an expected source, the golden shores of California, and the fourth features a quad of mindblowing gems from New Jersey, home base of the Young Rascals and Tony Soprano…

The Original Surfaris
Gum-Dipped Slicks / High Time
7″ Single: $6.00 • S 197

The Original Surfaris played every major surf venue in Southern California, including the genre’s matrix, the Rendezvous Ballroom in Balboa Beach, where Dick Dale created the surf monster in 1961. Famed for their killer instrumentals, whether they were shooting the curl or blasting down that asphalt aisle with surf’s second-cousin, hot rod music, the Original Surfaris had few equals on the high-flying SoCal scene.


The Temptations
Blue Surf / Egyptian Surf
7″ Single: $6.00 • S 198

It’s no big surprise these Southern California-based masters of surf-exotica are not the same Temptations, who cut “Cloud Nine.” and “My Girl.” If it’s hot instrumental sounds with an international twist you need to accompany a day riding your longboard, you couldn’t go much farther-out than “Egyptian Surf,” the easiest way to hang ten down the Nile without leaving your house. All it took was one band member fooling around at rehearsal with an oboe, and, as they say, Ahmed’s your uncle.


The Sentinals
Tor-Chula / Latin’ia
7″ Single: $6.00 • S 208

Years before Dick Dale whipped up surf music right before the eyes of adoring throngs in Los Angeles ballrooms, the Sentinals were fooling around with the same elements in San Luis Obispo, 200 miles north up the California coastline. And as long as there are mighty waves pounding some far-flung shore—and there are kids with cojones enough to ride them— the Sentinals, like the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, will stand on guard for thee.


The Teemates
C’mon and Swim / Mashed Potatoes–Yeah! / Walk, Don’t Run ’64 / Movin’ Out
7″ EP: $6.00 • S 198

The Teemates, the “other” Jersey Boys, whose startling debut performance at the ’64 World’s Fair in New York opened the doors to bookings at Jersey’s Palisades Park and Manhattan’s Cafe Metropole, cut a wide swath through the east coast in 1964. The Teemates’ sound was a powerhouse blend of west coast 20-footers, early garage mayhem, and Brit Invasion madness, all perfectly tailored to the wild-dancing NYC in-crowd.


Save! Buy all four for $19.98!

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