Steve Ferguson

Steve Ferguson, one-of-a-kind genre-bending guitarist and bandleader, passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer on October 7, 2009. As anyone fortunate enough to have seen him perform knows, Ferguson was a one-of-a-kind musical force, effortlessly merging divergent strains of American roots music into a distinctive and highly personal sound of his own.


The multi-talented Kentuckian first came to the public’s attention in the late 1960s as a founding member of NRBQ, with his incendiary playing serving as a key component of the band’s visionary fusion of styles. After leaving NRBQ in the mid-’70s, Ferguson continued to make unique, memorable music, largely out of the national spotlight.

Ferguson reunited onstage with his former NRBQ bandmates at a rapturously received reunion concert in 2004, and two years later collaborated with NRBQ’s Terry Adams on the critically acclaimed album Louisville Sluggers and a series of live shows. In June 2009, he reunited for the last time with several NRBQ members, for a one-off club performance.

:: NRBQ’s Ludlow Garage 1970


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