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Record Collector Magazine

“Quite apart from the scarcely believable audio quality of these recordings, it’s the sense of mutual respect which most impresses. The guitars of Skip Spence, Peter Lewis and Jerry Miller are subtle, spacious and unobtrusive on lambent readings of “Someday” and “Sitting By The Window” (from Monterey, 1967), while the euphoric group hollers on “Omaha” and “Changes” sound like the devotional affirmations of lifelong blood brothers.” ★ ★ ★ ★

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MOJO Magazine

Moby Grape: Live (Sundazed)
★ ★ ★
Previously Unreleased recordings from their 1966-69 heyday.

How nice it is to finally have live, prime Grape with decent (though not brilliant) fidelity after suffering through nasty bootlegs that have circulated.  It’s not up to the standard of their best country-folk-psychedelic-folk-rock-blues studio recordings, whose ultra-tight guitars and harmonies make this seem a tad ragged.  But there are fresh and energetic versions of most of the songs on their first and best album, highlights from their subsequent LPs and a few surprises.  The live versions of the early 1967 outtakes Rounder and Looper are the best of those, and the cover of B.B. King’s Sweet Little Angel the most unexpected.  Less thrilling is the 17-minute Skip Pence-penned psych dark jam Dark Magic, but the inclusion of their complete

Monterey Pop set more than compensates, even if Spence is missing from the 1969 cuts.

Richie Unterberger

Blurt Online
Live boasts pretty remarkable sound quality throughout. The Amsterdam set has the distant feel of a soundboard mix, but everything can be heard.”
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The Rising Storm:

Moby Grape Live is the first official release to afford a glimpse into the raucous and entrancing stage performances of one of the most exciting, original, and underappreciated bands of the ’60s…none of this has ever been officially released, and never with such pristine sound quality. David Fricke’s notes are the icing on the cake. After the essential debut record, this is the Moby Grape record I would recommend next.”
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Sonic Boomers:
“...finally, a strong legitimate live collection surfaces, and it is shattering.”
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Glide Magazine
“Enclosed in beautiful packaging with embossed cover lettering and stylish photos alongside Fricke’s essay inside the multi-fold digipak, this seventy-plus minute CD concludes with an extended, largely instrumental piece titled “Dark Magic”…it is a tour-de-force that suggests that Moby Grape had even greater things to offer than even that which is so fully on display elsewhere on this album.”
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KC Free Press
“Rarely heard, their performance at the Monterey Pop Festival was rumored to have been lackluster. The recordings here give lie to that (they shoulda been in the movie!). The tracks done at San Francisco’s Avalon Ballroom crackle with energy, the guitarists unique mix (Jerry Miller’s Albert King/Wes Montgomery phrasing, Spence’s Lennon-square

rhythm, and Lewis’s gorgeous finger picking) and the contrast and blend of five lead singers is flat amazing.”

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