Platter Chatter: Mark Sebastian – Bleecker Street

Bleecker Street

At an age when many young kids would be more concerned with how to score the phone number of that cute girl in Geometry class, Mark Sebastian wrote a song that shot straight to #1 on the national pop charts. Mark’s big brother, John Sebastian, was the frontman for the Lovin’ Spoonful, already permanent residents of the U.S. Top Ten with a series of 1965–66 smashes that included “Do You Believe in Magic,” “You Didn’t Have to Be So Nice” and “Daydream.” After he played his sparkling new song, “Summer in the City,” for his older brother, Mark’s life would never be the same.

“Bleecker Street has struck me like lightning…”

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Mark Sebastian’s Bleecker Street has struck me like lightning and I’m proud to say he’s become one of my top ten musicians!he album starts with the strong “Stage One” and it continues uphill from there. In a short hour he sums up many of the musical styles I grew up with, and stays true to them, but with his own atmosphere and personality. The genres are so varied you can piece the songs into different moods – and they‘re suitable for much more than a sunny day. “From Windows In The Village” is an homage to the summer (in the city). His Blues songs are darker based on the witty, humorous lyrics, like “Was It Me?”;

“My brother owed me money. I saw him by a brand new limousine. Someone blew it up last night. Now he’s back on the bus again. Was it me, oh Lord?”

Mark’s guitar playing and his vocal skills are evident in “Firefight”, The Great Mistake”, “Deal With The Devil”, “Moonlight Sonata”. Did I mention “Stage one”? Then the album ends with “The Calm Before The Storm” as a grande finale.

Today my favourite is “It’s An Outlaw World” – tomorrow it may be another one from Bleecker Street.

-Agnethe Lindløv

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