Platter Chatter: High Tide – Sea Shanties

High Tide
Sea Shanties LP

Continuing in its ongoing mission to return underappreciated vintage psychedelic gems to the marketplace, Sundazed presents High Tide’s beloved 1969 British cult classic Sea Shanties as it was originally meant to be heard, in the 12″ vinyl LP format.

A one-of-a-kind collision of psychedelia, prog and heavy rock, Sea Shanties embodies the darker edge of psychedelic rock, while presaging the wave of heavy metal combos that would soon emerge in Britain. Although it’s been out of print in the United States for decades, Sea Shanties has attracted a fervent cult following in recent years, making this release a particularly timely one.

“One of the most intense albums I’ve ever heard.”

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“Loud at any volume. One of the most intense albums I’ve ever heard.”
-Black-Chaos Johnston

“This was an extremely important album in my musical education. Really interesting sounds and rhythms. I saw the band live in Southampton in 1972/3 and they were hugely energetic and entertaining. The drummer especially – I still have the half of a broken drumstick complete with his blood! Sadly I parted with the vinyl many years ago when I was strapped for cash. I believe it was at the same time as I sold my treasured (and valuable) Arcadium. I’d love to add Sea Shanties to my collection again!”
-Rip Gooch

“Classic album!”
-Eric Colin Reidelberger

I grew up with this LP! But it entered my life harboring a great myth. The cousin who gave it to me, told me it was really Jim Morrison & Hendrix, recording under fake names. Ahhh, the pre-Google days. Back when such myths could gestate long enough to develop wings, before being shot down by the wiki-riffle.”
-Damien Youth

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