Platter Chatter: The Remains – Deluxe Mono Edition

The Remains – Deluxe Mono Edition

The Remains have always been regarded as the Mount Everest of garage-rock bands, their steaming, fuzzed-up songs copied in every last swaggering detail by legions of cool teenage combos across the nation. This is the first-time-ever reissue of the Remains classic material in MONO with a stunning second LP of single-only sides, plus all the legendary Robin McBride-produced material not included on the original issue. Our lavish, high-definition, double-vinyl, MONO edition of everything you need by the Remains, has been meticulously assembled by Bob Irwin and Remains leader Barry Tashian and features 12 ripping Remains bonus tracks—ncluding one fuzz-raving instrumental from 1966 that no one’s ever heard before!—with essential new liner notes by Remains expert Jeff Jarema.

“This one is such musical bliss!”

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“Mono is the way to hear this album, plus the second LP of bonus tracks is equally fantastic. When I met The Remains in Nashville in late April, I asked them to sign my copy. The Remains themselves are also pleased with Sundazed’s work, btw.”
-Alison Hayes

“I normally buy CDs but I had to get this baby on vinyl! A great album made even greater.”
-Tony Sachs

“The Remains are one of the best bands of the 60’s. The fact they never hit it big is an outrage.”
-Mickey McIntosh

“This one is such musical bliss!”
-Morgaine Lou Gilley

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