Platter Chatter: Jeff Beck – Truth (Mono Edition)

Jeff Beck
Truth (Mono Edition)

Jeff Beck, as visionary a guitarist, in his own way, as Jimi Hendrix, certainly heads anyone’s list of most exciting rock ‘n’ roll fretboard whizzes ever. Beck made his name as the second of three hall of fame stringbenders for the equally legendary Yardbirds (following in the shoes of Eric Clapton and preceding the pre-Zep Jimmy Page).

Known for his blistering leads and the wild chances he took as one of the first axemen to widely employ feedback during a solo, Beck hit the ground running when he left the Yardbirds in 1967 and would cut a pair of solo albums that didn’t miss a beat from the greatness of his previous work.

“The way the LP should always be heard.. in glorious Mono!”

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Finally! The way the LP should always be heard.. in glorious Mono!..and that’s the Truth!
-Derek Smalls

The one that really got to me..”Shapes of Things” Indeed.
-Brad Strickland

The blueprint for LED ZEPPELIN!
-Paul Ellis

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