Platter Chatter: Chocolate Watch Band – No Way Out

Chocolate Watch Band
No Way Out

Sundazed is totally stoked to announce the reissue of the first two albums by the Chocolate Watch Band, high on everyone’s list as one of the most exciting garage bands ever.

No Way Out kicks things off with an eye-opening nugget, “Let’s Talk About Girls.” It’s a song that perfectly blends a stomping Chuck Berry rhythm track with the happening “boss sound,” the psychedelic guitar. “Come On,” an early Stones single, is given the perfect Jagger paint job, while “Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In)” captures the new tribal hippie culture in a nutshell. Sourced from the original analog masters.

“…Sundazed does it again! Great sound, great art reproduction…”

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Listening to it now! Once again Sundazed does it again! Great sound, great art reproduction and you gotta love that they used the original Tower labels on the discs. It’s the little things troops!
-Freddy Fortune

My fave LP!
-Christina Kattuah

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