Platter Chatter: Moby Grape – The Place and the Time

The Place and the Time

While 1967’s Moby Grape is widely acknowledged as a classic (and one of rock’s greatest debut albums), the subsequent Wow, Moby Grape ’69 and Truly Fine Citizen are all underrated gems with much to recommend them. It’s a measure of the musicians’ abundance of talent and creativity that, despite the multiple roadblocks that they confronted, Moby Grape recorded prolifically and cut a wealth of originally unreleased material. The Place and the Time offers a scintillating assortment of rare tracks cut during the band’s heady 1967-1968 heyday. Encompassing audition recordings, album outtakes, alternate versions, live material and more, the recordings offer a powerful testament to the remarkable rapport that made Moby Grape such a unique force.

“You just have to get this one…”


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“Just finished listening to this. And if anyone was looking at the track listing and saying “I have all of this already” — no you don’t. There are some interesting remixes and/or different takes of some of the songs that first appeared on ‘Vintage.’ Get it!”
-Mike Fornatale

“Arguably, and based on the power of the debut alone, the greatest west coast psych band of the 60s. Looks like a keeper!
-Lee Jackson

“…have been playing this album continously tonight (has also made me dig out their back catalogue)-it is brilliant!”
-“The Reverend Dante”

“This release provides access to many unreleased gems… This is real stuff, music which leaves most current wannabe bands in the dust (even their throwaway tracks are steller). Anyone interested in good music should add this release to their collection. ‘Nuff said.”

“This is the album to get for Moby Grape fans. Alternate and unreleased tracks from the first two yrs of Moby Grape (the best yrs) are great, in stereo, and sound great. There are some instrumentals that are excellent. …This album brings back these times so much–great vocals and excellent guitar work. Great drums also. You just have to get this one–bring back the best guitar band of the sixties. Long live the memories—and rest in peace—Skip Spence.”

“Even if you’re new to the Grape it’s never too late. Embrace this recording and appreciate this music since there hasn’t been anything even remotely this good in ages!! The best wine comes from the ripest Grapes!!”

“Moby Grape still is one of my all time favourite bands. And Alexander Spence’s Oar is a unique masterpiece.”
-Martin Pulaski

“Moby Grape is an amazing band. I grew up listening to their albums on a reel to reel that belonged to my aunt and uncle before they moved out. Those are some good memories.”
-Dusty Murphy

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