Platter Chatter: 2131 South Michigan Avenue: 60’s Garage & Psychedelia from USA and Destination Records

2131 South Michigan Avenue: 60’s Garage & Psychedelia from USA and Destination Records

Sundazed once again arrives to the rescue with an exhaustive dive into the pure, undiluted garage side of USA and Destination Records; tapping into everything from priceless artifacts from the Lost Agency, the Foggy Notions, and Park Avenue Playground to label hitmakers the Buckinghams, the Cryan’ Shames, and the Flock at their most rockin’. There’s so much impossibly great music on these labels, we had to expand this collection to 40 tracks.

“Holy %$#@, that has to be the greatest LP packaging I have ever seen/clutched/whatever.”


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“Hi Bob,
Just got back to LA from several weeks up in Napa…drinking great wine and celebrating my 71st birthday to find 2131 South Michigan Avenue. Your team developed a truly fantastic package and everyone who made it happen deserves my appreciation and compliments. Warmest regards, Jim”
-James Golden

“Guys, this is AMAZING! …The clean sound is amazing. Even “Ben Frank’s” sounds like little echo at all and so clean! The Flock “Sun” version is REALLY cool as well! The package is incredible. The photo of Golden and Traut is priceless!! The notes on the artists are great! Great job by all those involved! …Also, nice tribute to Jeff Lind! He should never be forgotten.”
-Clark Besch

“…I got your 3 record 2131 South Michigan Avenue set in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and once more you guys have outdone yourselves. It’s outstanding in every way. Even better than the recent Remains set which I doubted you could ever top. There is obviously no shortage of true genius at Sundazed and speaking as a happy consumer, thank god for that.”
-Tim Frueh

Just a quick email as I scrape my jaw off the floor after opening the LP jacket spread for USA Destination. Holy %$#@, that has to be the greatest LP packaging I have ever seen/clutched/whatever. I can’t wait to slap this on the turntable (gently… this is now my prize possession).
Congrats, Jarema”
-Jeff Jarema

“WOAH! I just got my USA Story LP’s today, I have not even played yet, but let me say that this may be the most fantastic package Sundazed has done to date. WOW Just freakin’gorgeous!!! Been waiting a long time for this especially since I had to sell my original Park Avenue Playground. More after I get it on the high-Fi!”…

…”Just finished listening to all 3 LP’s from 2131 South Michigan Ave. Out of 10 I give it an 11! What a joy that in 2009 something this amazing has been produced! This is a work of art and the fact that that a vinyl version has been given this much love is a real testament to what kind of company Sundazed is!”
-Freddy Fortune

“Hi guys,
We just received the two 2131 South Michigan Avenue CDs. Excellent job. Very impressive. We are happy and proud to be part of a great label like Sundazed Music. Congratulations on a successful project”
-Oscar and Sam
Oscar and the Majestic

First of all, I’m sure you hear it all the time but I wanted to let you guys know that you are a wonderful label. I recently picked up 2131 South Michigan Avenue. Like all of your releases, your treatment of the music, the liner notes, and the packaging were great. It’s great to be exposed to great Chicago garage bands that haven’t been on cd before.
Many thanks,

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