Platter Chatter: The Velvet Underground Singles 1966—69

Singles 1966—69 7 x 7″ Single Box Set – $44.98

Sundazed is proud to release The Velvet Underground Singles 1966—69, a 7 x 7″ single box set honoring the legendary New York combo’s 7″ vinyl output in their rare mono versions. The set features exact reproductions of Velvet Underground singles, two of them with their original picture sleeves. The singles are packaged in a distinctively designed box, along with rare vintage photos and new liner notes by Rolling Stone’s David Fricke (who also penned the acclaimed notes for the historic 1995 Velvets CD box set Peel Slowly and See).

The Velvet Underground—whose membership included Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, Maureen Tucker, Doug Yule and Nico—introduced numerous sonic and thematic innovations that laid much of the groundwork for punk and alternative rock. Although they’re now acknowledged as one of the most influential bands in rock history, during their existence the Velvets barely registered on mainstream radar, and were often reviled by mainstream observers as well as hippie-era arbiters of cool. But, as Fricke writes in the new set’s liner notes, “Somewhere, in another rock & roll universe, the Velvet Underground are more than a legendary band. They are stars, with hit singles—the original seven-inch masterpieces inside this box.”

“Sundazed throws another perfect game!”

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“Exquisite job on the Velvet Underground Singles Box. I always expect the very best whenever you guys do a project, and somehow you always manage to exceed my highest expectations. I hope you’ll do more boxes like this one. I’d buy every one of them.”
-Tim (The Recordchanger),
Kettering, Ohio

I am mesmerized by the quality of your work. I did not know it until I got the Velvet Underground box set. You should be so proud about working in a place that makes such a difference! I live in Brazil and there’s no record label here doing something close to sundazed’s work. Congratulations from Brazil!

Sundazed throws another perfect game!
-Freddy Fortune

I’ve been buying Sundazed stuff since the mid-nineties, and this is one of my very favorite releases on the label. Keep up the great work, you guys – the VU box is a thing of beauty.

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