Bakersfield Goes Digital

Sundazed Music Announces the Online Digital Debut of Buck Owens and His Buckaroos’ Historic Album Catalog!

The digital revolution catches up with the spirit of hardcore honky tonk on March 8, 2011. That’s when Sundazed Music will make the album catalogue of country music pioneer Buck Owens available for digital download, through iTunes and other online services. This digital catalog campaign marks the first time that the bulk of Owens’ seminal work will be available for download.

This beloved, massively influential body of music—encompassing over 25 original albums by Owens and his legendary band the Buckaroos, along with several more albums by Owens-associated acts—was originally released by the artist’s longtime label Capitol Records between 1961 and 1971, and was previously ushered into the CD era by Sundazed Music throughout the past two decades. Those widely acclaimed CD releases were instrumental in generating a renewed appreciation for Owens’ musical achievements, introducing him to a new generation of enthusiastic fans.

Sundazed’s new digital Owens campaign includes his vintage albums Buck Owens (1961), Buck Owens Sings Harlan Howard (1961), You’re for Me (1962), On the Bandstand (1963), Buck Owens Sings Tommy Collins (1963), Together Again (1964), I Don’t Care (1964), I’ve Got A Tiger By the Tail (1965), Before You Go (1965), The Instrumental Hits of Buck Owens and His Buckaroos (1965), Christmas with Buck Owens and His Buckaroos (1965), Roll Out the Red Carpet (1966), Dust on Mother’s Bible (1966), Carnegie Hall Concert (1966), Open Up Your Heart (1966), In Japan (1967), Your Tender Loving Care (1967), It Takes People Like You to Make People Like Me (1968), Christmas Shopping (1968), Live In London (1969), Live In Scandinavia (1970), Bridge Over Troubled Water (1971) and Ruby and Other Bluegrass Specials (1971).

In addition to those classic releases, Sundazed is also releasing Country Pickin': The Don Rich Anthology, a compilation spotlighting the sublime instrumental and vocal talents of Owens’ longtime best friend and musical right-hand man; Best of the Buckaroos, which collects instrumental highlights from the band’s own spinoff albums; and The Best of Buddy Alan Owens, a featuring Buck’s talented son, who scored a series of country hits in the early 1970s.

“We’re thrilled to be carrying Buck Owens’ singular musical legacy forward into the digital age,” said Sundazed founder and renowned producer/engineer Bob Irwin, who mastered these albums for their digital release. “Buck’s music is already a cornerstone of the Sundazed catalogue, and we’re very excited to be introducing his timeless creative vision to new listeners in a new format.”

As one of country music’s genuine innovators, Buck Owens built a remarkable body of work that helped to redefine the genre, while expanding the music’s appeal far beyond traditional boundaries. At a time when the Nashville mainstream was offering lush middle-of-the-road country-pop, the Bakersfield, California-based singer/guitarist and his handpicked sidemen delivered a punchy, stripped-down sound that emphasized twangy electric guitars and a prominent, insistent beat. Combined with Owens’ personable vocals and infectious songwriting, the earthy, energetic sound proved massively popular with a wide array of listeners.

Owens scored an incredible 21 Number One hits, most of them self-written, on the Billboard country music charts. His work left an indelible mark on multiple generations of rock musicians, from his labelmates The Beatles (avowed Owens admirers who recorded his song “Act Naturally”) to country-rock iconoclast Gram Parsons. Buck also influenced Ray Charles, who covered several Owens tunes, as well as numerous tradition-savvy country stars, including Dwight Yoakam, who teamed with Buck on a duet of the Owens classic “Streets of Bakersfield,” which topped the country charts in 1988.

In addition to expanding country’s horizons with his willingness to experiment musically, Owens enthusiastically embraced his role as a musical ambassador. He and the Buckaroos performed frequently in venues and territories where country artists rarely ventured, recording live albums in London, Japan and Scandinavia, as well as in the rarefied environs of New York’s venerable Carnegie Hall. In 1968, Owens and the Buckaroos performed for President Lyndon Johnson at the White House. The following year, Owens also helped to introduce country music to the TV-viewing public with Hee Haw, which he hosted for the next 15 years.

Buck Owens
You’re For Me
On the Bandstand
Together Again/My Heart Skips A Beat
I Don’t Care
I’ve Got A Tiger By The Tail
Before You Go/No One But You
The Instrumental Hits Of Buck Owens and His Buckaroos
Roll Out The Red Carpet for Buck Owens and His Buckaroos
Open Up Your Heart
Sings Harlan Howard
Sings Tommy Collins
In Japan!
Your Tender Loving Care
It Takes People Like You to Make People Like Me
Christmas With Buck Owens and His Buckaroos
Christmas Shopping
Dust On Mother’s Bible
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Ruby & Other Bluegrass Specials
Carnegie Hall Concert
In London
“Live” in Scandinavia
Country Pickin': The Don Rich Anthology
The Best of the Buckaroos
The Best of Buddy Alan Owens

Get more info and full track lists HERE!

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