The Pretty Things S.F. SORROW Limited Edition Colored Vinyl LP

<b>The Pretty Things S.F. Sorrow - LIMITED EDITION - Colored Vinyl LP  $18.98</b>  ON COLORED VINYL!   Now with original U.K. jacket artwork!  By 1967, the Pretty Things, the long-haired English group whose shocking, maraca-rattling, R&B-fueled sound and outrageous antics had made parents of teenage music fans long for the good old days of the Rolling Stones, had breathed in the perfumed air of psychedelia—and they’d moved on! Cut in the same studio where the Beatles and Pink Floyd were changing the world of pop music daily, S.F. Sorrow was the enthralling, cradle-to-grave saga of Sebastian F. Sorrow, a landmark release now credited with being the world’s first rock opera—a full year ahead of the Who’s Tommy.    <font color=

Breathe the perfumed air of PRETTY THINGS psychedelia! The Pretties’ landmark longplayer, S.F. SORROW is NOW AVAILABLE on a limited run of cool, green-clear vinyl, with original U.K. artwork…


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