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The Bruthers

Bad Way To Go Digital Download

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Available for digital download on iTunes.

New York’s own Bruthers released but one ultra-rare single for RCA Victor in 1966, comprised of the pulverizing garage-stompers, “Bad Way To Go” and its flipside, “Bad Love.” After a chance meeting, we’ve Sherlock’ed the entire Bruther-hood (real siblings!), camped out in their cellars, and have spent the better part of a year blowing the dust ‘n must off of their massively-cool tape boxes. As you might well suspect, we’ve mined pure garage-gold and have come away Sundazed-style with a bevy of snarling fuzz-filled pounders from ‘65 and ‘66. Natch, we’ve included the legendary RCA Victor single here; all other tracks are previously unissued masterpieces of vintage garage snarl!

1. Bad Way To Go
2. Bad Love
3. The Courtship Of Rapunzel
4. Don’t Forget To Cry
5. Just Had To Laugh
6. I Wanna Be Your Man
7. Walk Out In The Sun
8. My Generation
9. I’m Gonna Be Alone
10. Wake Me, Shake Me
11. The Courtship Of Rapunzel (instrumental version)

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