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The Knickerbockers

Knickerbockerism! Digital Download

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We’ve given you all the love taps, but now it’s time for our one-two punch: the definitive 36-track behemoth that elevates The Knickerbockers to their deserved pre-eminent echelon in the ‘60s rock firmament. Included in this treasure trove are hits, rare singles, first-time stereo cuts and killer stuff you’ve never heard before...Amazing! Listen, the reissue world uses the word ‘essential’ the way bikers use NyQuil...but if one album belongs in the collection of every ‘60s music lover and power-pop maven, this is it!!!

1. Stick With Me
2. Lies
3. Just One Girl
4. High On Love
5. Rumors, Gossip, Words Untrue
6. I Can Do It Better
7. Come On and Let Me
8. Love Is a Bird
9. One Track Mind
10. She's Gotten to Me
11. I Love
12. I Must Be Doing Something Right
13. Can't You See I'm Tryin'
14. Chapel In the Fields
15. Can You Help Me
16. Please Don't Fight It
17. Please Don't Love Him
18. She Said Goodbye
19. You're Bad
20. Give a Little Bit
21. We Got a Good Thing Goin'
22. Guaranteed Satisfaction
23. Is That What You Want
24. Sweet Green Fields (stereo)
25. What Does That Make You (stereo)
26. The Pad and How to Use It
27. As a Matter of Fact
28. Playgirl (version 2)
29. Like Little Children
30. My Feet Are Off the Ground
31. Bite Bite Barracuda
32. They Ran for Their Lives
33. Lies (previously unissued; alt. backing track)
24. Come and Get It (previously unissued stereo demo version)
35. Harlem Nocturne (previously unissued; alt. take)
36. High On Love (previously unissued alt. backing track; mono)

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