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The Leathercoated Minds

A Trip Down The Sunset Strip Digital Download

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In the annals of sixties West Coast exploitation album-making, A Trip Down the Sunset Strip by the Leathercoated Minds is in a class all by itself. Serving up radically rearranged, cool covers of the era, red hot guitar instros (courtesy of producer J.J. Cale), and authentic sound effects from the Strip, it succeeds as the perfect time capsule of Los Angeles' teeming teen scene, c.1966. From the pristine Viva Records mono master tape.

1. Eight Miles High
2. Sunset and Clark
3. Psychotic Reaction
4. Over Under Sideways Down
5. Sunshine Superman
6. Non-Stop
7. Arriba
8. Kicks
9. Mr. Tambourine Man
10. Puff (The Magic Dragon)
11. Along Comes Mary
12. Pot Luck

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