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Bryan MacLean

ifyoubelievein Digital Download

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Available for digital download on iTunes.

ifyoubelievein is, in a sense, the Love record that never was: solo demos and home recordings of fourteen original MacLean songs, all written in the earliest and most vital years of Love and all but three virtually unheard in any form since MacLean wrote them over 30 years ago. It took a lot of time for the music on ifyoubelievein to end up where it always belonged on record, as Bryan MacLean originally wrote and envisioned it. And it has been worth the wait. Listen and be forever changed.

1. Barber John
2. Fresh Hope
3. Kathleen
4. Orange Skies
5. Strong Commitment
6. Alone Again or
7. Tired Of Sitting
8. Blues Singer
9. Friday's Party
10. People
11. Claudia
12. If You Believe In
13. Orange Skies (version 2)
14. Alone Again or (version 2)
15. She Looks Good
16. Old Man

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