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The New Colony Six

The New Colony Six - Last Nite / Accept My Ring / Cadillac / Rap-A-Tap EP Digital Download

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Available for digital download on iTunes.

The New Colony Six ó Last Nite / Accept My Ring / Cadillac / Rap-A-Tap EP

This first-ever New Colony Six EP opens jarringly enough with the fabulous "Last Nite", from 'Breakthrough'. With a deadly instrumental intro reminiscent of early Them, plus nice staccato organ throughout, itís winning stuff! "Accept My Ring" was doing just fine for a long time as a fave selection from the band's 'Colonization' elpee. Now we're thrown ah incredible, unrecognizable outtake of the same song. This version includes an amazing (and very different!) 12-string guitar intro, superb drums, and the missing bass guitar sound so cruelly ignored on the second NC6 longplayer. "Cadillac"...the great overlooked New Colony Six single is featured in mono and "Rap-A-Tap", as it appears here, is a Raiders-inspired cruncher from mid '67; an outtake from the 'Colonization' sessions! It would later appear, buried under brass, as an obscure B-side; but here the horns have been scratched in favor of a fat fuzz guitar riff. YEAH!

1. Last Nite
2. Accept My Ring*
3. Cadillac
4. Rap-A-Tap*

*previously unissued alt. version

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