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Ludlow Garage 1970 Digital Download

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NRBQ — Ludlow Garage 1970

NRBQ, the combo that’s been the epitome of eclecticism over the past four decades has finally agreed to unleash its stunning live concert, Ludlow Garage 1970, by Sundazed. Sketchy cassettes of this epic engagement have been circulating ever since it occurred, and now the real story can be told, direct from the original soundboard masters! Ludlow Garage 1970 catches the dynamic original lineup of NRBQ — lead singer Frank Gadler, keyboard man Terry Adams, guitarist Steve Ferguson, bassist Jody St. Nicholas (aka Joey Spampinato) and drummer Tom Staley—at the peak of their powers, as they shift gears wildly from their own unique originals, to the interplanetary sounds of New Thing jazz, to frantic covers of Wilson Pickett, Little Richard and others. With special focus on Ferguson’s absolutely astounding six-string technique, here’s the very best material from their legendary 1970 shows at the fabled Cincinnati nightspot, as personally selected by Adams, with the full story recounted in the liner notes by longtime band pal Chandler Travis (Incredible Casuals). It’s no damn wonder NRBQ has been described as nothing less than a band that always wove its own magical musical-tapestry.

1. Rocket # 9 / No Identification
2. Flat Foot Flewzy
3. Rip It Up
4. Sitting in the Park
5. Goofus
6. Step Aside
7. I Found a Love
8. Here Comes the Whistleman
9. You Move So Fast
10. Red Planet
11. When It’s Summertime in the Wintertime
12. Fergie’s Prayer
13. Wan-Do
14. So Dance with Me
15. Ida
16. Finger Poppin’ Time
17. Kentucky Slop Song
18. Someday Maybe

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