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Penny Arkade

Not The Freeze Digital Download

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Penny Arkade — Not The Freeze

Available for digital download on iTunes.

With a throb of excitement matched only by finding King Tut’s OTHER tomb, Sundazed has recently unearthed a long-forgotten treasure from the seminal mid-’60s Los Angeles rock scene: the previously unreleased album by the Penny Arkade! Spotlighting singer/songwriters Chris Ducey and Craig Smith along with bassist Don Glut and drummer Bobby Donaho, the Penny Arkade--with its jangley melange of the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and Moby Grape—was a potential pop-rock goldmine in the making. But its only album was inexplicably shelved... Produced by Michael Nesmith, the original, unreleased Penny Arkade album is now expanded to contain extra material from the sessions, revealing demo recordings, and much more.

1. Lights of Dawn
2. Country Girl
3. Color Fantasy
4. Thesis
5. Swim
6. Voodoo Spell
7. Not the Freeze

8. Love Rain
9. Century of Distance
10. Give Our Love (to All the People)
11. Year of the Monkey
12. Woodstock Fireplace
13. Sparkle & Shine
14. Face in the Crowd
15. (Our) Love Is Gone
16. Voodoo Spell (early version)
17. Century of Distance (early version)
18. Rhyme or Reason
19. The Freeze (early version)
20. You Couldn’t Count On Me
21. Sick And Tired
22. Indecision
23. Swim (early version)
24. Lights of Dawn (early version)

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