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Things to Come

I Want Out Digital Download

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Things to Come I Want Out

His name may not immediately roll off the tongue like Dave Aguilar or Dick Dodd, but Steve Runolfsson may be the prime Stateside example of swiping the Mick Jagger/Keith Relf/Van Morrison ball and running like hell. If '60s punk rock was the pouty adenoidal emulation of the British Invasion by suburban American white kids, Runolfsson and the Things held their own with the best. This album is astounding Stones/Them influenced garage and dark psych, recorded 1965-'67. Our set includes the impossibly rare 45 of "Sweetgina" b/w "Speak Of The Devil" as well as other lost, unreleased masterpieces. We've unearthed the original session tape masters, unseen photos and more. With liner notes written by historian Mark Prellberg, these are some of the most deadly '60s punk/psych cuts ever to hit a Sundazed release.

1. Sweetgina
2. Missisippi Dealer
3. I Want Out
4. Your Down
5. Speak of the Devil
6. Smokestack Lightning (Instrumental)
7. Character of Caruso
8. Tell Me Why
9. Tomorrow
10. Pushin' Too Hard (Instrumental)
11. Show Me a Place
12. I'm a Man (Instrumental)
13. Home to You
14. Your Down (Instrumental)
15. Icicles On the Roof
16. Sweetgina (Instrumental)
17. Behold Now Behemoth
18. Darkness

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