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Buck Owens and His Buckaroos

Sings Harlan Howard - Digital Download

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Sings Harlan Howard - Buck Owens

Buck Owens - Sings Harlan Howard - Download on iTunes

Buck Owens’ friendship with Harlan Howard began in California, bearing fruit in many fine co-written songs. The collaboration continued as Buck rose to be a top recording artist and the relocated Howard became one of Nashville’s top songsmiths. On Buck Owens Sings Harlan Howard, Buck performs eleven of his favorite Howard compositions, two of them co-written with Buck, and adds one of his own, “Think It Over,” for good measure. On cut after cut, Buck puts his unique stamp on classics like “Heartaches by the Number,” “Pick Me Up On Your Way Down” and “The One You Slip Around With.” This remastered Sundazed Music edition adds a bonus track, the instrumental version of the Owens/Howard hit “Foolin’ Around.”

Sings Harlan Howard - Buck Owens

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