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The Great Scots

The Great Scots Arrive! - Digital Download

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Available for digital download on iTunes.

Here's the recording industry's version of walking into that little record shop in South Dakota and finding everything just like it was in 1966. Halifax, Nova Scotia's Great Scots-as renowned today for wearing kilts on stage as for their knockout British Invasion-style debut disc on Sundazed-cut another album's worth of Hollies-meet-Stones fueled stunners in 1965. Here, at last, is the other Great Scots package-a 10 track rampage through material so woolly that only Eric Burdon & Co. or Mick, Brian & Keith, Inc. would dare to follow-and featuring liner notes by legendary Caribou, Maine deejay Wally Berk, who never, ever stopped believing himself to be "the sixth Great Scot."

1. Don't Want Your Love
2. My Baby's Name
3. Any Other Boy
4. Give Me Lovin'
5. That's My Girl
6. That Wasn't No Girl
7. I Want To Know
8. Tell Her Please
9. Lucille
10. Lost In Conversation

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