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Manfred Mann

Manfred Mann - 5-LP Package Deal

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Manfred - 5P

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Manfred Mann rode the mid '60s British Invasion wave into the American charts with sublime pop hits like “Do Wah Diddy,” “Sha La La” and “Pretty Flamingo.” But this overtly commercial exterior masked a band of seriously versatile musicians equally adept at playing blues, jazz, soul, pop and any number of hybrids thereof. “Please listen to our B-sides!” the group once pleaded to the music press, and indeed it was on their B-sides and album tracks that the group’s talents shone brightest, as evidenced by these impeccable reproductions of their first five US LPs, all featuring the distinctive vocals of original lead singer Paul Jones.

The Manfred Mann Album LP
The Five Faces of Manfred Mann LP
My Little Red Book of Winners LP
Mann Made LP
Pretty Flamingo LP

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