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Various Artists Garage Beat '66

Garage Beat 66 Six-CD Package Deal

compact disc | $101.88 $95.98


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Price if purchased individually: $101.88
Special price if all 6 are purchased at one time: $95.98!!!

The time is ripe to tell the full story of an army of longhaired teenagers who flailed away on their instruments between mom's car and the cat box — and forever changed the world!

The most far-reaching legit vintage garage rock series ever! Assembled from the original source tapes for astounding fidelity each disc features copious liner notes by garage experts, original label repros and tons of eye-popping band photos!

Garage Beat '66
Vol. 1:
Like What, Me Worry?!

Garage Beat '66
Vol. 2:
Chicks Are For Kids!

Garage Beat '66
Vol. 3:
Feeling Zero...

Garage Beat '66 Vol. 4:
Im' In Need!

Garage Beat '66
Vol. 6:
Speak of the Devil...

Garage Beat '66
Vol. 7:
That's How It
Will Be!

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