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1. Smell Of Incense
2. Tomorrow
3. Rock 'N' Roll Woman
4. Downtown Woman
5. All One Big Game
6. On My Mind
7. Bells Of Baytown
8. And Another Thing

Southwest F.O.B

Smell Of Incense LP

LP | $24.98

BR 144

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Southwest F.O.B's 1968 hit single "The Smell Of Incense" (plucked from the set list of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band) is like your first glance of the Emerald City of OZ; shimmering through the haze of a summer morning, it's a perfect moment forever frozen in time. These Dallas hotshots, featuring the angelic vocals of Dan Seals and John Colley (who would later commandeer the charts as England Dan & John Ford Coley) fused their heavenly harmonies with mindbending Farfisa-organ stylings and fuzz-drenched guitar work. In short, they had everything that was wonderful about mid-'60s rock & roll.

Also available as a digital download on iTunes.

Tracks on this release also appear on the following compilation:
Garage Beat '66 Vol. 3: Feeling Zero CD


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