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The Lovin' Spoonful

Alley Oop b/w Night Owl Blues -BLACK FRIDAY 2011- Limited Edition 7" Single

7" (vinyl) | $8.98

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"Black Friday” 2011 Limited Edition release


Like the Chelsea Hotel several blocks north, The Albert Hotel in NYC's Greenwich Village was a hotbed of artistic activity in the mid '60s. Its cheap rates made it especially popular with struggling musicians — and the digs also served as a rehearsal hall for many of them. In the repurposed "TV room," bands were free to set up, plug in and wail away without fear of disturbing the neighbors, most of whom were likely just waiting for their turn to practice. As folk plugged in and morphed into something new, The Albert Hotel's TV room was one of its most productive Petri dishes.

In this cramped space, two powerhouse bands often rehearsed in succession, the mighty Paul Butterfield Blues Band from Chicago (who were in town for an extended residency at Café Au Go-Go) and hometown heroes the Lovin' Spoonful. As the two groups listened to each other play, a natural, musical cross-pollination occurred, especially between the guitarists Zal Yanovsky and Mike Bloomfield. Licks were traded, ideas were passed back and forth and each string bender sparked their respective band on to greater heights. The results of this six-string exchange burst forth on the Spoonful's "Night Owl Blues," a tough number named for a favorite Village venue, The Night Owl Café. The song is paired here with "Alley Oop," the Spoonful's gritty, garage-like take on the Dallas Frazier song that was a big hit for the Hollywood Argyles a few years earlier. Recorded during sessions for the first album, "Alley Oop" ultimately was not included. While "Night Owl Blues" did make it on to the debut, time constraints required a shorter edit.

Now, Sundazed is happy to reach back and create a "single that never was." Not only do you get "Alley Oop" in all its Zal-ified glory, you also get the full, unedited version of "Night Owl Blues'" featuring an extra 1:38 of harmonica honking madness. Put this single on your hi-fi and hear why The Lovin' Spoonful were the kings of Greenwich Village!

1. Alley Oop
2. Night Owl Blues

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