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Clayton Doley's Organ Donors

Booker Table / Hot and Heavy 7" Single

7" (vinyl) | $8.98

S 212

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In an impressively short period of time, Clayton Doley’s Organ Donors have become a potent force on the Australian scene, winning an enthusiastic fan base and abundant acclaim from critics and fellow musicians. Driven by seasoned keyboard virtuoso Doley’s mighty Hammond organ, the quartet’s dynamic range veers from quiet whispers to thunderous roars, with rapid-fire shedding turning to shimmering soundscapes of raw emotion. Joining organist/leader Doley is a handpicked set of players whose world-class musicianship elevates the keyboardist’s compositions to dizzying levels of interactive inspiration. Guitarist Jak Housden’s distinctive stylings balance funkiness and warmth, and his effortless chemistry with Doley’s keyboard work is complemented by the powerful, subtly inventive rhythm section of bassist James Haselwood and drummer Dave Hibbard.

On their first-ever American single, Australia’s foremost instrumental quartet delivers two bracing blasts of deep-grooved psychedelic soul. Driven by leader Clayton Doley’s powerful, pulsating Hammond organ, the band combines warm vintage sounds with a contemporary sensibility on the infectious Doley-penned original “Booker Table” and a high-energy reading of the Earl Hooker chestnut “Hot and Heavy.”


1. Booker Table
2. Hot and Heavy

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