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1. Got to Have Your Lovin’
2. Soulfinger
3. My Girl is Waiting
4. Baby Under My Skin*
5. I Can’t Explain
6. Jackie Jackie
7. Why-O or Jungle Beat
8. No Chance Baby
9. I Feel Good*
10. Come On Willie
11. Top Eliminator
12. Fanny Brown
13. Dawn
14. House of the Rising Sun 1969

*previously unissued

Oscar & the Majestics

No Chance Baby! LP

LP | $24.98

LP 5377

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first-ever collection of complete '60s output by garage rock heroes, plus unissued cuts!

For anyone with an overindulged appetite for '60s garage compilations, Oscar & the Majestics must seem like old friends. Certainly, that’s the way we feel about ‘em. In Sundazed’s exhaustive dig through the prized USA & Destination Records catalogs (2131 South Michigan Avenue: 60's Garage & Psychedelia from USA and Destination Records LP/CD), no other act—and that includes hit makers like the Buckinghams and Cryin’ Shames—came close to the coverage afforded Oscar Hamod & the Majestics. If the group had left more than five tracks in the USA vaults, no doubt we would have included more.

Well, that was before Oscar opened up his vast personal archives, undisturbed for over 40 years, allowing for this first-ever collection of his complete ‘60s output. This includes the band’s best known USA sides, like the impossibly cool, fuzzed-out “Soul Finger”, as well as ultra-rare, Oscar-pressed singles (including the first official reissue of “House of the Rising Sun 1969”; an over the top rearrangement that suffers no shortage of Oscar-fuzz/Oscar-attitude.

Most rewarding of all, this set unleashes the unreleased “Baby Under My Skin” and “I Feel Good”; both seriously Kinky krunchers from the USA era. As a bonus, we blow the lid off the untold history of Mr. Hamod & his rockin’ crew in a package also crammed with vintage photos and rare 45 label scans.

Also available as a digital download on iTunes.

Record Collector Magazine

★ ★ ★ ★

Oscar’s winners

Local heroes throughout north-west Indiana, Oscar & The Majestics tore it up a treat in the ballrooms during their 60s heyday. Sundazed’s No Chance Baby! collates the band’s complete output from the decade in question.

Refreshingly, the Majestics had no discernible higher agenda: they came to impel you to shake a tailfeather, to which end their signature sound features a plethora of baggy, good-time handclaps and rudimentary, mosquito-toned fuzz guitar. Even The Who’s “I Can’t Explain,” when processed through The Majestics’ filter, comes out sounding like a frathouse frug-fest. They were evidently too busy frugging, in fact, to even bother playing the right chorus chords.

It’s immensely enjoyable – all of it. Jackie Jackie cunningly rewrites “Louie, Louie” – a common practice in the day – while “Fanny Brown” fulfills the same function for “Farmer John.” Unreleased tracks “Baby Under My Skin” and “I Feel Good” are built upon terse riff beds such as you would find on early Kinks B-sides, and “Top Eliminator” is delirious instrumental hot rod nonsense with a Johnny B Goode riff and a “Wipeout” drum break.

Touchingly and, rather miraculously, Oscar & The Majestics continue performing to this day – an astonishing 51 years since Oscar formed the first incarnation of the band.
—Oregano Rathbone

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