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Mr. Gasser & the Weirdos

Hot Rod Hootenanny CD -BLACK FRIDAY- Limited Edition

compact disc | $12.98

SC 6285

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Hot Rod Hootenany featured an eye-popping, full-color cover illustration by Roth. Upon release in 1963, it created quite a stir among surf/hot rod aficionados and entered the lower reaches of the Hot 100. Falling out of print after the crest of the hot rod craze, this album quickly became a prized collectable. Out of print for decades, Sundazed Music is gassed to roll this LP out of the garage and back onto your turntable! Pressed on competition-ready vinyl and compact disc, packaged in a retina-searing reproduction of the original Big Daddy artwork, it will go from zero to 33 1/3 RPM in seconds! FLOOR IT!!!

A true "renaissance man," Ed "Big Daddy" Roth excelled in a number of pursuits. Artist, cartoonist, car-customizer and pinstriper were but a few of his specialties. Growing up in California, surrounded by the surf and hot rod movements of the late '50s, Roth's expansive imagination was set in motion and popular culture would never be the same.

Working closely with Ed Roth, who assumed the nom du disc "Mr. Gasser," Fred Rice carefully selected vocalists and musicians for the recording session. Gary Usher assembled and led the vocal talent, which included Jackie "Robyn" Ward, Chuck Girard, Richard Burns and Darlene Love. And how's this for a guitar line-up: Glen Campbell, Jerry Cole and Howard Roberts! On drums you've the great Hal Blaine. Meanwhile, Cliff Hils anchored the bass position and Leon Russell played piano while Steve Douglas wailed on sax. What a fabulous group of "Weirdos"! The combination of A-list players and a top-notch studio produced a superior-sounding LP, every bit the sonic equal of contemporary recordings from stars like the Super Stocks and the Beach Boys.

1. Hot Rod Hootenanny
2. The Fastest Shift Alive
3. You Ain't Nothing but a Honda
4. Mr. Gasser
5. Mad'vette
6. Termites in My Woody
7. Eefen' it Don't Go – Chrome It
8. 1320
9. Weirdo Wiggle
10. Dragnutz
11. Chopped Nash
12. My Coupe Eefen' Talks

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