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Gene Clark

Only Colombe / The French Girl 7" Single

7" (vinyl) | $9.98

S 192

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Gene Clark became the first member of a major U.S. rock band to go solo when he left the Byrds and released his stirring 1966 debut LP Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers. Clark then cut a pair of sparkling, Gary Usher-produced/Curt Boettcher-arranged tracks —“The French Girl” and “Only Colombe”—as his final single for Columbia, a release that was unfathomably canceled at the 11th hour by the label, thus robbing the world of this glistening, baroque-pop gem. Sundazed is overjoyed to restore these tracks, taken from the original mono Columbia masters, to their proper place in the universe: as the two-sided single that should have made Gene Clark a huge star in his own right!

1. Only Colombe
2. The French Girl

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