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1. The Rain & the Snow
2. Snowdrops

The See See

The Rain & the Snow / Snowdrop 7" Single

7" (vinyl) | $8.98

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debut U.S. single from prolific U.K. psych-pop ensemble!

Here at Sundazed HQ, we receive no shortage of new sounds both by the parcel and by the bit rate. In the zillions of things that come across our desks, occasionally there is a band that really gets our attention and makes our hearts pump. A band with impeccably written and arranged songs that make you hit "repeat" and fills you with the joy that only great music can. When you hear a band like that, your IMMEDIATE urge is to tell all your music loving friends about them so that they can share the transcendent thrill. It is in this spirit that we can't WAIT to tell you about The See See!

Coming together in London from points across the globe, Richard Olson, Pete Greenwood, Kevin Peyok, Paulie Cobra, Phil Anderson and Sam Ferman formed The See See to pursue a personal musical vision. Young men with old souls, or at least old record collections, The See See blend the best of the past and present in a timeless psychedelic pop swirl. They write and record impassioned missives filled with chiming guitars, gritty keyboards, dynamic drums and soaring vocals. Recognizing them as fellow travelers, both The Raconteurs and The Brian Jonestown Massacre chose The See See to support their European tours. An incredibly prolific ensemble, they have released a series of sold-out singles and two LPs full of melodies that make you drift and bliss. Music that matters.

As a champion of quality music, Sundazed Music is incredibly honored to present The See See's debut U.S. single, "The Rain & The Snow" b/w "Snowdrop," on living, breathing 7" vinyl. The A-side, "The Rain & the Snow," is a melancholic, gray sky entreaty to a fading love, laced with electric guitar filigrees, insistent organ and a stoic drumbeat bearing witness to heartbreak. The instrumental B-side, "Snowdrop," takes the A-side's melody and quickens its pulse, coursing it through tremelo, fuzz and reverb in a dub-like delirium! A full-length Sundazed LP from The See See is coming soon, an august anthology combining their finest UK releases with new tracks unavailable elsewhere. In the meantime, grab this single, gather your friends and hit "repeat" ("repeat," "repeat"...)!

Also available as a digital download on iTunes.

Shindig magazine
Recalling the kind of melodies he penned for his I previous band, English folk-rock act The Eighteenth Day of May, Richard Olson concocts an autumnal ode to break-up with "The Rain &The Snow" - English folk played by a mid-60s garage band with Simon & Garfunkel harmonies, Byrds jangle and the impending doomish Doors organ tones.

Absolutely wonderful stuff that shows both the band's record collecting savvy and musical ability. "Snowdrop" is essentially a faster paced psychedelic instrumental take of the lead side with wigged-out tremelo guitar lines. Guaranteed to fill the floor at the next Shindig! Happening freak-out.

As they mature and age The See See are becoming a fully psychedelic sounding act that would have wowed the crowds at The Sunset Strip.
- Jon 'Mojo' Mills

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