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1. Darkness, Darkness
2. Smug
3. On Sir Francis Drake
4. Sunlight
5. Double Sunlight
6. Beautiful
7. Turn It Over
8. Don’t Let the Rain Get You Down
9. Trillium
10. Quicksand
11. Black Mountain Breakdown
12. Sham
13. Ride the Wind

14. Pool Hall Song
15. Beautiful (alternate version)


Elephant Mountain CD

compact disc | $12.98

SC 6256

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Elephant Mountain, the magnetic third album by the Youngbloods, is commonly looked upon as the pinnacle of the legendary Bay Area combo’s abundant eight-year career. From its spine chilling opening track—the strains of a somber Appalachian fiddle permeating “Darkness, Darkness”—the listener is inexorably sucked into psychedelic quicksand by the haunting vocals of Jesse Colin Young, whose plaintive cry to “hide the constant yearning for things that cannot be” proves mournfully irresistible. In addition to Young’s songwriting masterpiece, the 1969 album also spotlights a sharp, country-rocking vocal duet (“Smug”) by Young and recently-departed singer Jerry Corbitt, as well as the jazzy interplay between electric keyboard whiz Banana and the locked-in groove of drummer Joe Bauer during magical instrumental “On Sir Francis Drake.” More songwriting gems loom like sacred totems on this landmark longplayer, including Young’s signature ballads “Sunlight,” “Quicksand” and “Ride the Wind.” It’s the Youngbloods at the top of their game, indelibly writing their names in the ledger of consummate San Francisco rock ‘n’ roll.

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